Thursday, January 25, 2007

let it shine shine shine=)

just watched the show just now=) just wanna thank all of you who have been supporting the show and who like it=) for frens who think i could have done better, i promise my next drama will be an even better one..but thanks for giving me yr constructive comments too!=)on a lighter note, i really wanna say a big thank u to all the kaixinguos in the show(some of them r in the pix)! haha they really cheered me up during filming=)situbi, $15, 2chicken, white papaya,lirong, khim, chuxuan, sijia, renfred, teresa, bobo=)my v wonderful parents xiangyun jie n houren dage n funny vp xiaoling jie, adam, shaun n the list goes on n on..all e crew, producers, ap, pa etc etc were v nice n lovable thank u!! hehe..if u notice the ng shots there is one where i fell down real hard..haha its e scene where i was chasing e 'se lang' todae...e shoes too slippery haha scare all the crew then..luckily not v serious=p


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