Wednesday, January 31, 2007

i luv new yr=)

chinese new yr is coming! here is wishing everyone a vv early happy chinese new yr haha..this yr im involved in the new yrs eve special so have to have an early reunion dinner with my mum n sis=)haven gotten any new clothes yet..but looking forward to steamboat dinner n housevisting n seeing all my dear relatives and angbaos(=p) and all e lovely new yr goodies!
i love the traditional handmade love letters( esp those stored in milo tin=p) fried nian gao, melt in yr mouth kueh bangkit, spongy kueh buloh..oh ya! delicious delicious home made pineapple tarts! i like the round pastry kind but sometimes e pillowshaped ones are super super delicious as well..its really hard to find the rite kind of texture n sweetness for the pineapple filling n pastry to be just rite..not too dry n not too crumbly..typing all these is making me hungry too=p
now that im working, i also give my mum n grandparents ang bao..'zhang^3 da^4' le^4'=p hehe..all in all, i think new yr is a v joyous occasion n i cant wait for it to arrive sooner!=)happy new yr!


tmr will be a better day... is a box full of..dreams..n sometimes nitemares(ah!!!)=p=p
fill in e blanks=) life is a box full of.....
tell me abt yrs=)


Monday, January 29, 2007

thank u thank u=))

hello everyone=) thanks for all the tags=) to xiiaoraiinie passerby samantha annabel weiling angelia jasmine michelle ^^ wanxin ting yw sk jocelyn matty yiwen phoebe yyan lalalas anon weizhen amanda joyce huixiinn naz miingxuan jiahui stranger hqx human tiffany unknown hs cy j xiiao shii ignasia ethel amelia rina joey gen xiaoqun ahhjo jon kelvin shujuan anna zy $15 dear jj----thanks for all e great msgs!! btw, thanks for all e flattering compliments on my hairstyle etc!must thank my dear hairstylists=))trying to leave my hair long now=) to sk: hope u dun hv to wait too long!=)but!! pls do continue supporting let it shine!=))only 10eps to go..sobzsobx...

dream-a-little sweeet=))

this eps let it shine...i must say this....2chicken( liang zhi ji) is so so sweet..haha love his puppy like stare whenever he gazes at xishi=) those kind of like so heart pained that she is suffering but there is nothing he can do..n he will do anything just to make her happy n protected..hehe i msged sijia( xishi) abt this n also asked many times did leo( lion) kiss her in the show man haha everytime they meet she would be kissed by him=pp but i think they acted v well=) pls watch on cos..haha yoyo laoshi will do something drastic to help her fight agt this baddie=)) n there will be a scene between renfred n adam which i think is vv touching=)) v touched by both adam's n renfred's on!=))


Sunday, January 28, 2007

jon's pix=)

share with u guys some pix tt my dear fren jonathan took of me=)) i like them alot=) thanks jon!


oh my eye bagssss=p

haha i tell u..long time since i stayed up till 3 4 am( unless its work)..haha but when u r at disc 16 and the last one is disc no 24..u would keep telling yrself okie watch till 1 then ill sleep then 1245 comes along n u tell yrself okie last one last one..then b4 u know it day is almost breaking lo..then u see e sky lighting up slowly to blue then brighter n brighter haha..but aww..somehow when u reach e last disc part of me will be excited cant wait to see them FINally tog..part of me dun want it to end so soon..oh well, then they hv really succeeded in turning me into a mini follower=p no wonder ppl go crazy over rain..his role is pretty adorable esp when he berates the girl in order not to let her leave with the other guy then suddenly change his tone into a little boi saying he needs her to cook for him haha...'chao' my mum is like complaining la..asked me to go to bed earlier n stop taking over the tv hahahaha.....oh ya intro u guys to my dear mum=)she is always supporting me in whatever i do=)


Saturday, January 27, 2007

eloz everyone!=)

hello! sorry didnt blog yest cos i was bz watching a korean drama..haha..i said earlier on tt im having a little break rite?well, between doing some work ive on hand haha e rest of my time is spent watching vcds at home=) 'nande' have a little time, wanted to watch more of other actors acting in order to get more 'ling gan' aka inspirations and also to improve too=) you know the first vcd i started on was 'full house' passed to me by my dear manager haha..u must be thinking im like super slow then watch full house rite..i admit=p im lagging haha but was really bz thruout last yr didnt really get to e chance to watch much complete dramas so now i obediently watch n boy was it addictive haha...and im esp slow cos ill rewind whenever i see scenes acted well etc etc see how the shots were taken how e really beautiful song huiqiao acted
( her complexion is like glowing!! admire admire=))..half way thru i was really hoping with all my heart that rain could just go over and give her a hug whenever she feels sad...oh my...aww...haha im like a die hard romantic to see such romantic'lang man' stories..just wished they cld bare their feelings for each other sooner n stop making audiences like me almost tear my hair out wanting them to be tog sooner instead of me going thru so many pieces of vcds haha( but i guess all dramas r like tt arent they=p) makes me ppl still believe in such cinderella stores? well, haha i do though..who doesnt wish to live happily ever after with the person they love rite? =) till i meet the special someone, haha at least i have such love stories to fall back on..let me live in their world for now*winks* gdnite!=)


Thursday, January 25, 2007

maid to order!

yeah!! it was fun fun fun=)hehe thank u ms mok
n ms mole=p


let it shine shine shine=)

just watched the show just now=) just wanna thank all of you who have been supporting the show and who like it=) for frens who think i could have done better, i promise my next drama will be an even better one..but thanks for giving me yr constructive comments too!=)on a lighter note, i really wanna say a big thank u to all the kaixinguos in the show(some of them r in the pix)! haha they really cheered me up during filming=)situbi, $15, 2chicken, white papaya,lirong, khim, chuxuan, sijia, renfred, teresa, bobo=)my v wonderful parents xiangyun jie n houren dage n funny vp xiaoling jie, adam, shaun n the list goes on n on..all e crew, producers, ap, pa etc etc were v nice n lovable thank u!! hehe..if u notice the ng shots there is one where i fell down real hard..haha its e scene where i was chasing e 'se lang' todae...e shoes too slippery haha scare all the crew then..luckily not v serious=p


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

hello dear frens!=)

hello everyone!=)just wanted to create a blog here where i can share my thots, everyday life happenings, and most imptly, be able to stay in touch n interact with all my dearest
supporters and frens=) thanks so much for all the encouragement and support u have given me=) currently im taking a small break and will start working on my new
drama in late feb=) meanwhile, you can catch me on let it shine ( 7pm channel8
drama) and this ep of maid to order tmr at 8pm channel8=) oh ya haha if u wanna
see how i look like when i was in sec school, check out iweekly this
week..haha..those fotos really bring back fond memories..drop me a note or two ill try my best to reply=)thank u!


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