Wednesday, April 30, 2008

what is it abt?

hey guys thanks for all yr nice msgs n it really warms my heart tt my entries can make yr day seem brighter n happier=)

wow...tts a compliment=)

ive read some of yr comments...thanks for the encouragement..n yes i have seen a doc n thank u LYjie for being so understanding n AF n Mich for being nice...i made it to studio filming n frankly, i would have felt bad if i didnt go today...the thot of delaying filming progress scares me esp its nearing end of production...

im feeling much better though still a little weak...

talk abt seeing docs...

i got 'suan' by one today..

cos everyone was telling me to get a jab to get better faster i asked him if i needed one since ppl@ work have been telling me abt it...

his reply?

" ask them to give u the jab then"


filming continues tmr...

** pictures courtesy of xiaomei @ heyhey 1st pic taken at 24hrs Musta**..can anyone tell me whats strained foul?!?!

goodnitey!!sweet dreams=)

PS: dear mrT let bygones be bygones...


Monday, April 28, 2008

wala!=) felis back!

hey dearies=) i know...u miss me haha...

it has been like a month since i updated n hey thank u for not forgetting this blog of mine=)

this month has whizzed past so fast but i wouldnt wish it to be slower=p i have been cooped up in the studio filming my new drama 心花朵朵开and yes!i have just completed e main set which is our house!

can u believe working everyday from 11am to 1230am...i think i turned abit orange already( my vit D!!!) but it was lovely working with papa shucheng (dage) he is such a professional yet vv kind n funny out for his abc antics...i believe this show will be pretty light hearted so do catch it out its out most prob 28th may...7pm show...

in it i play tao haitong...haitong海桐is also 七里香。。v attractive flower with an alluring scent n v adaptable plant...just like my character..strong independent yet attractive n fun loving=)

sounds pretty good rite;)

i finally got some time off recently n i attended maydays concert 2days ago! wow..what a blast!

i must say im not a hard core mayday fan n may not know the lyrics to all their songs but i really enjoyed myself..some of u may have seen me dancing on my chair haha( manager shushed me down with her piercing eyes like 15seats away but in the end she ended up boogieing on her chair haha...she was like but u r an artiste! but hey....if concerts r all abt sitting down n clapping politely, then we shd just stay at home n listen to their cds=/)

anyway...mayday got everyone so high i tell u 99.99999999999999% of all ppl were like standing on their chairs...恋爱ing-ing tog=p

i sat at the 4th row( thank u terence for my tix!) n yes it was great seeing them so up close( guai shou threw his guitar pick next to my frens empty seat she was so shocked she just stared at it!!aless!!!haha i was like grab it! but in the end..someone from the back was faster=p) but i think one of the most 物超所值seats are by the sides...all 5 of them ran up n down along the aisles high fiving...singing so close i swear those girls wouldnt wash their hands 5 days straight..

after thought: really respect them for their love for music..3 hours with 30 songs is no joke n their efforts r much appreciated=) ps: hmm....seeing 怪兽with his guitar..i think hes totally charming...if i ever get the chance to meet a star, ill most prob wanna meet him n tell him...he is cool...n charming haha....oh man..embarrassing=/

then....yest..i went to terence cao's steamboat place at paradiz centre!went with my dajie n xiaomei...check it out ( heyhey hotpot paradiz centre b1-20) abt some nice hotpot=) i had mine with much recommended sharks bone soup base( they have great soup bases the wintermelon one is yummy too) and vv yummy side dishes( deep fried prawn balls of some sort with mango n cheese.....) but nothing can steal the show from the hot pot with v fresh ingredients n interesting mix of food!( check out the 'cha siew bao' that is cooked in the broth..sotong like ball with sea urchin fillings..not to be missed is hk hotpot authentic style fried fish skin...n vv soothing home brewed sugar cane papaya drink..n after having a stomach full of soup, we had mango pomelo

then today, after having studio shoot, i attended 唯我独尊u r the one as one of the judges...the guys really improved alot from the last time i saw them( @cineleisure during their prelim rounds as judge) all of them have v distinct personalities n aint afraid of showing it...thats something i applaud....well..a few caught my eye....

M1 jianfeng-i always liked his quiet confidence n smile..well..his name is another reason but shan't elaborate=p

M2- zhenhuan..when i saw him during the prelims, he reminded me a little of jerry yan...he looks dorky with his specs( b4 makeup) but i think thats pretty likeable too..i like guys who is not afraid of being themselves instead of being too full of themselves..

M6-louis great performance IS mr darlie;)

M7- yuanshuai...he is doubts abt it..

M8 gavril...nice smile..harmless persona...heres is someone everyone will root for;)

(jiaxi lost so much weight chengxi!i think he looks better than u now muahahaha n caleb's mightily witty..clement-hes a big sweetie=))

actually these guys r just being themselves...n i think thats what great abt acts put on we can feel it just wanna wish all of them good luck n all u can to shine on stage but remember, its the frenships gained that is even more可贵=)

i was really suffering from the worst cramps any girl can get from the start of filming till the time i left mediacorp but i held on smiled for the cameras..even when i was leaving i saw my fans waiting for me...i obliged with fotos..didnt want to disappoint them..but something happened which made me think....i was really in pain halfway n i said..i really gotta go i wanna see a doc...n someone still plonked himself in front of my car without a strain of care for whateva i was saying or feeling n posed with me wincing in pain at the back..there i was saying im really in pain n frankly i would oblige a photo but what hurts is there isnt even a word of concern or even any care or concern in yr eyes..n u even called me a bully for not posing when im clearly in pain?!?! now who is the big bully......saying i felt hurt is an understatement..cos im human im not an exhibit..i have would be great if u could put yrself in my shoes..but yes i still took a photo cos i know u ran a long way i just hope to have a little care from u cos ive always read how much u have supported me..anyway....made me see n learn a little today..thank u.

anyway, this is a long entry..i will update often=) yes felis back n welcome home=)

ps: photos gotta wait do come back=)flower foto: 海桐花

frens foto:@minds cafe=)


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