Sunday, November 25, 2007

up in the palace...a fuji one!!=)

woohoo!what a great sat afternoon we spent together~! thank u so much( lovely pandas n nat's fans alike) for coming down yest afternoon n for spending such a wacky time tog=p

3pm: lost my way....went to the wrong roads....frantically calling jiejie=(( boohoo...sad sad...

315: went to toh tuck instead of toh guan road....oooo.....*im an easterly girl btw=p*
330: finally arrived at THE PALACE!!

345: sheepishly putting on my skates hehehehe...

400: picture taking time!!! n also..hehe brought some chox from hongkong early xmas gift?!
415: push me to the skating u go girl!

430-600: fell down twice or shd i say pushed down twice=p made a point to skate with u guys=) hehe..holding hands session=p made some new frens thanks jackson n zhe...had loads of screams? =/

600-630: more photos!!!

630: counting the bruises in my car=p

had fantastic fun!thanks all fans of felicia(me!) n nat! n our wonderful committee members for organizing this sat activity! n to all staff of jurong fuji ice palace u guys were great! n to all who helped us learn how to skate thank u! n also to dear jiejie..n also to shuai-ge to the max ahnat!thanks for mesmerizing all the little girls till they nearly forgot tt im there....hehe=p

hope u guys had a great time cos i truly did! thanks for waiting i promise to brush up on my road reading skills...n me n nat would be going for an iceskating event this sat @ central!watch out for tt!=)

it was a cool sunny bright joyous cheerful screamy afternoon=) thanks for living it with me/;)


Friday, November 23, 2007

life's a fight...not?

was talking to a fren of mine today abt each others going ons recently when suddenly i told him...

dun u think life's a fight...

well, his response made me think

he told me he heard glenn ong over the radio recently saying

' my blessings far outweigh my problems'

n my fren said

dun u think its a good mantra to live by

maybe if everyone lives by that, then each day will be less of a competition =)

i totally agree...

we shd be grateful for what we have..

we r indeed blessed...

when u r procrastinating..

abt life, abt work, abt ppl, abt unfairness, abt being beaten up bruised all blueblack n over(n i dun mean physically)...

feel grateful tt u hv yr current job to help u pay yr bills, a caring sister n mum who loves u no matter what..a full stomach n food in front of u to remind u tt u will never be hungry n foodless...being able to breathe without smiles...

i duno...typing i feel that there are so many things tt we take for granted n we forget tt we r lucky to hv them.. end on a more positive note n not being too heavy hearted n sad...

we shd just 笑笑过人生 aka.. laugh along with life.its not easy but i think life's like a dream, b4 u know it, it will be over...

not many ppl will understand u for who u r...ppl can slam u, say things bad abt u w/o knowing the real reason or story but its goes on...=)

dun think so much...

things will pass

just do whateva u wanna do...

worse come to worse...go run to yr bed, cover yrself with yr blanket...snuggle...

sleep it off...dream (of me hahahahah)...mayb things will be better;)

cheer up dear!~

tmr will be our ice skating treat n affair! looking forward to seeing all of u guys (supporters of feliciachin n nat ho!) cya at jurong tmr hehe..n dun worry abt falling..who doesnt;)


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

bigger n better hahahaha....

hello everyone im back! hk has been a great trip lotsa photos to share with u guys but!! my camera wouldnt be back till fri so till then, pls do wait patiently for my entry on my hk trip k?

coming back to singapore, lo n behold i saw my teens cover!wow!beautiful!i like it!haha....its a pretty cover with long silky sideswept hair for me... thank u teens mag n weiming karen ryan ros n verna for yr great help love u guys!

didnt get to take pictures tt day only took a video during my photo taking session so just wanna share with u guys some smiles tt i had, brought n gave=p

do get a copy of teens mag this month!*thanks for yr support!*

love felicia...


Thursday, November 15, 2007

off to hongkong!

hello everybody!ill be off to hongkong today till next tues for the filming of the princesses and the dude with bryan wong=) will be back with more fotos and news!wait for me!!;)
love feliciachin


Sunday, November 11, 2007

campus yummy hunt!!


if e photos look yummy to u, thats bcos they r taken whilst filming my new campus variety food show with dasmond koh called campus yummy hunt!

we go ard tertiary school campuses looking for good food recommended by students from e school! and we hv a team with 'professional' eating standards to grade the food=) so far we have been to ntu n sp..

typical day starts off with makeup@830 ...dasmond is so good he does his own hair n makeup...heh..its really great working with him..its my first time..hes like a da ge...vv patient n willing to guide n teach..

anyway, we depart@ abt 930....first we will do a link(lead in to the show) followed by visiting e respective stalls!

but first up we have to feed our panel of 'judges' all 30 of we serve food haha(part time waiter) feed them interview them, get feedback..followed by more links, interview with stall owners, grade their food; sometimes we will steal some time to try them too(hehe)..

after a hard days work (=p), we do chill, sit ard, talk, take fotos, n sometimes do extra stuff like take fotos for promo posters n for our website!(check out the safari getup=p)

a typical day will end @ abt7pm=)

so for more yummylicious food, do catch campus yummy hunt starting from 27th nov 8pm on channel U!

for more details, check out

more food tasting tmr!!so updates coming soon!;)rem to come back 4 more=)


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