Wednesday, September 26, 2007


hello dearies! how was yr mooncake festival yest? had fun with yr lanterns and 赏月ing?=) i think full moons are so beautiful and perfect=) its v alluring in its own charming way=)

i celebrated 中秋节(mooncake festival) by having a simple dinner with my family=) heh...miss those days of carrying paper lanterns and walking round the neighbourhood with frens n family=) heh i nearly started a mini fire at home when i was young cos i burnt a paper lantern accidentally=p opps...

anyway, i had a wonderful day today!=) had outdoor filming at a dry market in yishun and met lots of lovely ppl=)

heh..thank u all lovely aunties uncles students boys n girls n adorable 弟弟 and 妹妹who so passionately came forward to welcome all of us n asked for autographs n pictures taken=) hehe...e kids esp are so adorable!=) if u happen to be one of them whom i met today, a vv big hello to u dearie!=)

and thank u jeffery( our dear propsman) for making me laugh all the way back too=p

after work i rushed down to far east to develop some photos and hehe...couldnt resist a big bowl of yummy soup ramen too=)( thank u dear staff of ramenten=)) anyway...i love noodles n rice=) esp piping hot delicious ones=) haha...

and...bought this new pair of shades too!=)heh..looks good on me? been a while since i bought anything for myself or did any shopping=)

wat a fruitful wednesday! tmr will be even busier though haha...having interview at 10am filming from 1 pm till 530am haha...yeap tts my schedule tmr wish me luck!;)

meanwhile, take care dearies n i love u guys too!=)

love n hugs aplenty felicia panda chin;)


Sunday, September 16, 2007

a vv big hello!=))

hello everyone!=) just wanna thank all of u for visiting my blog though it has been awhile since i updated so so sorrie dearies! been a little busy but nonetheless been thinking of u guys too=)

to students out there, hope u are busy with revision, dun stress yrself too much k?just try yr best=)

and to all frens out there=) hope work is fine n everyone is coping well=) as for me still bz filming path of gold=) sometimes im coping well sometimes i think i can be better but hey everyone has good times n bad times, ups n downs=)

reminder to myself n to all of u tt we are learning n living each day=) todays failure doesnt determine tmrs success=) as wat dory says=) keep on swimming keep on swimming=) let us all try together=)we can do it!=)

miss u guys n thank u for all e inspiring notes letters emails n guestbook well wishes=) though i may not be able to reply each n everyone of u( hope u guys would understand!=p) but in my heart i thank each n everyone of u for being so nice n encouraging towards me=) it really matters alot to me n my heart smiles tog with u guys=) thank u dearest=) yeap tts u=))

love felicia=) (haha i think i shd be dory...sometimes my memory is like hers=p)

ps: having prob uploading e eng version of e video=p give me some time k=p hehe...


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