Monday, April 30, 2007

smile..laugh...u will have a way...

i remember the first time i smiled inside..
how free i felt..
e winds seems to blow tog with me
my whole body seems to float along with e stars=)

clear away e fuze in my life
take one step at a time..
ill find e ans one day
make e sky light up

n heart will speak to me again=)


Sunday, April 29, 2007

beautiful food=)

aint these food beautiful?mouth-watering=) was at lei garden few days ago..being a lover of chinese desserts, i was delighted by this nan xing bei xing white fungus double boiled with papaya! e tofu dish was v special as well....the tofu was skillfully sliced into thin pieces with just e right bite to it...vv good...try them next time!
have been seeing some comments on e tagboard n i just wanna say a big thank u to all who made an effort to leave notes of encouragement, advice or even a simple hello to me=)im v touched=) having a tagboard means v much to me as i do read all e tags left by my dear fans n i just hope it wld be a nice place where all of u guys can leave little notes for me n vice versa=) lets keep it tt way n remain something tt we always look forward to read n check out after a long day in school or at work=)
~~goodnight everyone!sweet dreams=)~~


zhi zu chang le...

saw this at a fruit stall few days ago=) how be contented with ones haves=)at least we have a roof over our heads, food to feed power of sight..e smiles we give n receive...breathing in fresh air everyday..air con when its too hot..water when we r thirsty..hugs when we need some extra tlc...its a happy world after all=)its not tt bad...really..=)


whats in yr bag?=)

whats in yr bag?tts an interesting qn i posted to my director who peered at me with a smile haha...w/o asking me y, he opened his bag which he bought in bangkok( with old-school buckle=p) n showed me e details..i feel tt everyones bag has diff contents n sometimes we do have strange stuff tt others dun hv n they do reflect on our distinct personalites=)
in his bag, i found a small blue-striped towel n a neatly folded plastic sheet which is actually a deflated small neck support=)haha..u may wonder y he needed them..cos sometimes e distance of our outdoor shoot is pretty far from our company(esp camp sites we visit as far as changi) he would wrap the towel ard his face n have a nice little nap with a portable pillow on his neck=)not bad rite?
plus a 1.5l plastic bottle(hes health consicous...only plain water) satchet of tea given to him by jin jie( who is acting as my mum)...wet tissues..plastic plug so tt he can charge his camera just in extra battery for his camera...his camera which he brings everywhere he goes..he takes vv gd fotos=) alot of fo-zhu on his wrists=)
so what are the things tt r interesting in yr bag?u will be time mayb ill post pix of my bag=)


Thursday, April 26, 2007

pls help save our environment!=)

have been using these reusable bags whilst going to e supermarket nowadays=) i think it is a great way to reduce e amt of plastic bags that we use n waste everyday=) though ones efforts may be limited, but i believe in the little things tt we can do each day that can make a diff in the world we live in=) so why not start now? just by bringing yr own bag to e supermarket or u can get one of this reusable bags over at e counter for a few bucks...or if e item is something small, u can even carry it on yr hand wo needing an extra plastic bag!make a diff in the world we live in=)start today!



ouch!have been suffering from v dry lips these days which 'de-generated' to swollen pouty ultra sensitive lips which pains whenever i smile or make any movement to my upper n lower lips as they just crack badly with e slightest stretch=p so if u notice i have like swollen lips in some scenes in baojiaweiguo, pls do rem this entry=p

so just a word of caution to u guys=p if u find yr lips extremely dry, painful n starting to swell, pls see a doc asap!! i waited for a few days cos i thot it wasnt anything serious...well..bad decision=p its starting to heal now so...haha say byebye to unsightly lips! it was due to skin irritation.. some of my frens immediate reaction when they saw my lips was to ask "who did u kiss!hahahaha!"...i just roll my eyes at them followed by a loud "NOoooooo!!i didnt kiss anyone!!"=p...
its itchy again=p


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

yuan dian( the beginning)=)

u may be seeing alot of trailers abt yuan dian on tv nowadays=)tts bcos it will be shown on channel8 vv soon!=) its broadcasting on e 8th of may 7pm=)do catch it! if u r wondering what kind of story it is, ill tell u a rough synopsis=)

yuan dian is a drama i did last year in kl with fellow actor shaun chen n malaysian singer lin yuzhong n actress stella chung=)its a co-production with mediacorp n ntv7 in malaysia n we were all v happy when it received v gd viewership in malaysia when it was aired=)

in this show, i play a v hardworking loyal girl called shi jianing nicknamed shi ban mei who sells fish in e market to help raise her sister as her mum had passed away since they were young n their dad had left them for a richer woman. she has 2 v gd childhood frens- tietou and yucheng(played by yuzhong n shaun respectively) n they vow to be e best of frens always n to make it big one day=)

things start to change when they got to know a new fren shi tingli whom jianing later got to know tt she is actually her step sister..due to e death of someone vv close to her n also causing her to be jailed, jianing planned revenge agt her father causing relations between 3frens to sour..yucheng also start to value power over his own principles which cause him to turn bad..of course e story is alot more than this with love triangles btw me tietou n yucheng plus tingli..e suffering love btw tietou n jianing changed from a simple fishmonger to a ceo of a big yucheng turned his back on his frens causing e climax scene at rooftop threatening to kill all 3 of them..will yucheng change for good? will jianing eventually forgive her dad n tingli? can tietou n shi ban mei live happily ever after? will e 3 best frens have a gd ending? will good triumph over evil? sounds interesting?e show will have more twists n turns than u will ever imagine so u must catch it!=)

half way watching e show, i was already secretly wishing for time to turn back for e 3 gd frens n for their lives to remain as b4-simple happy without e thots of revenge=)i feel e pain tt they felt n their secretly yearning for things to go back to e past but sometimes, u can nv turn back time.. i think this show makes me reflect quite in life, simplicity is still e best..n to cherish yr dear frens close to u n to spend treasured time with them no matter how bz u r..n to always have love for others in yr heart=)..yeap..pls do tell me how u feel abt this show if u do catch it!

if u really feel like watching it now n cant wait till 8th may, u can catch it only on mobtv!(available nowhere else=))shi ban mei tietou yucheng n tingli awaits u to have a peek in their lives=)

*btw, e v nice theme song( kong qiu qian) is sung by lin yuzhong=) his new album is out too!do support him if u like his songs!**


Monday, April 23, 2007



health show sponsered by vitagen=)

hello everyone!how was yr monday? did u guys catch e podcast? did u like e story?hehe....if u think u have missed my part, dun worry!haha..cos my character is not out yet=p...mine is a small role but its interesting cos im acting as a 12 yr old little do catch e next ep tmr at e same time(935pm)..hope u wont be disappointed=p anyway i think weibin jie did a great job in scripting e whole story n i think its pretty interesting!so i hope u will continue listening to it!=) anyway, i really enjoyed recording for this cos its like acting-just tt we can only use our voice to act n allow e listeners to feel how we feel, imagine e actions we r doing n be drawn into e story=) its really incredible!i learnt to be more relaxed n just go with e feel...haha..=)u shd try it one day=)

im also involved in a health variety show tmr(24th april) on channel8 1030pm..=) u will see me doing some exercise(including playing softball!) making a salad!ill also talk a little abt my health habits n lifestyle=) its a show hosted by xiangyun jie n sponsored by vitagen less sugar=) i am really happy to have a chance to share some of my daily habits with u guys so pls do catch it tmr nite!=)

goodnite everybody!n to dear jean who is having 2 exams tmr n being so stressed up!!do relax dear piggy!=)ill be here for u always=) want some zooland?=)



Sunday, April 22, 2007

933 podcast=)

hello everyone!hope u enjoyed yr sunday!=) a few days ago i did a podcast for 933=)had loads of fun with weibin n chongqing=) it will be out(if im not wrong=p)tmr nite(23rd april) at abt play safe, ill stand by the radio from 9pm...will u?=)

e story is rather interesting...its abt 3 kids plotting e 'death' of their stepfather...its a little dark but catch it on 933 tmr nite!=) ill be playing e role of e smalllest sis who always begs the two elder brothers not to harm him cos stepdad treats her v well=)enjoy!


Friday, April 20, 2007

live firing in mandai!=)

hi everyone im back!=)today is friday=)how are u spending yr wonderful friday?=)=) for me, i just rented a couple of vcds n (hopefully)ill be able to just relax at home n enjoy e shows=)
did something pretty exciting few days ago!=) we were v kindly invited by mindef to experience live firing over at the mandai range=) it was so exciting! almost all of us( including our executive producer, producer, scheduler etcetc) went down n we had so much fun!
we used a pistol for firing n real bullets were used...but all safety measures were taken=)it was a vv wonderful experience...we went in groups of 5 so ruien, pinghui, nat, bryan n wenyong dage went first..whilst waiting, huifang jie bought us breakfast n i thot e bao looked so tempting=pp e carrot cake reminds me of those found in e canteen of bedok swimming pool...brings back childhood memories=p
anyway, haha..from where we were sitting, we could hear screams whenever e rounds were fired..hehe...u could guess where they came from=p next is our turn( pierre, myself, huifang jie, ix)..haha...when e instructor was firing, i screamed immediately=p i think my natural reaction is too quick for me to stifle=p so paiseh=p naturally all of them laughed at me=(( haha....then it came to our turn to fire..haha..we had to squeeze e 'handle' of e pistol b4 we cld pull e trigger...using my right eye to aim, i courageously pulled the trigger tell u e 'boom' sound n the recoil was so immediate tt i....ehem....screamed=ppp haha...n i did tt two more times..only my fourth n fifth shot did i not scream=p haha..but surprisingly, those first three shots were pretty good whilst e last 2 werent tt gd=p
all in all we had loads of fun n i really thank major chang, major audrey, wenwei, melvin, dag n all army personnel who made this experience possible for all of us=) we really had loads of fun!=) captain elaine u shd have been there!it wld be super fun=) miss u loads!
oh ya, major audrey!thanks for always taking care of my smart4 uniform=) i know u have to oversee everything but still, it always touches me how much u care for all of us in e little ways tt u portray=)thank u!=)
love feliciachin=)


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