Monday, July 30, 2007

honour and passion@ mobtv.sg宝家卫国=)

hello dear frens! long time since i have posted an entry here do not feel neglected!!;) cos these days have been bz dozing off in my living rm after work(boo=(..) and morning off to mediacorp again=p well, hope u guys haven forgotten abt me cos i have nv forgotten abt u hehe..sounds pretty cliche huh=p hehe..

the army show i have blogged abt previously honour and passion aka 宝家卫国 is showing on every weekdays 9pm on channel8 now!=) haha to see myself on tv giving commands and all haha needs some getting used too=) some ppl gave feedback tt i shd be more fierce, shdnt be like trying to 'gek se' etcetc, hehe thank u for yr v constructive comments ill take heed haha;)..but overall have received pretty positive comments for the first few eps thank u all for yr support! pls do continue watching baijiaweiguo!=)

was watching e scenes with me n pinghui while we were out on dates and i find him simply hilarious haha...the cold jokes n antics in the cinema..awwww...i bet all the girls hearts went out to him=) i told him while filming the show tt girls esp like shy n sweet guys like wenjing( his character in the show)...and i right or am i right=p

it was an enjoyable almost 3 months filming baijiaweiguo n to see it on screen now takes a special feeling from my heart=) glad alot of u like this show n i really hope tt u would watch till e last ep n tell me yr comments abt it=)hehe..thank u!!rem to watch todays ep where i finally realise wenjing n wenzhong are brothers=p

if u cant get home in time to watch our show, do check out!thank goodness for them if not i wouldnt be able to watch the first 2 eps of baojia cos i was still working at tt time=)

meanwhile,do take care dearies!=) ill miss u guys vvv much!=)

love feliciachin;)


Friday, July 20, 2007


hello everyone!=) sorrie haven been updating my blog been bz filming my new show path of gold黄金路=)how have u guys n fellow panda dears been? i miss all of u guys vv much!!do u miss me=p

nevertheless,i wanna share some fotos with you which i took on e day of my sis's engagement where she exchanged vows with my brother-in-law=) it was held at a simple restaurant on a rather beautiful day n date-070707=)

my sis is rather camera shy so i didnt put many of her pix here( lest her students come save her pictures and tease her in school=p)

my brother-in-law's siblings have beautiful adorable kids! one of the girl( she is the cute girl with a red rose by her face) is called felicia too and she really reminds me n my sister of myself when i was young=) e same oooo( say wu)-eee face and droppy sparkle in her eyes=)hehe...what a coincidence=) she has a v pretty elder sis too!

then there is e 帅哥 who has a v funky hairdo too!=) kids nowadaes really enjoy good haircuts=) i still rem the days where i have to sit in the toilet with uncomfortable newspapers wrapped ard my neck held by wooden pegs n my mum using those big tailor scissors cutting my hair sometimes missing my ear by mere cms=p those were the days la!=p

nonetheless i was super happy on tt day feeling so overjoyed for my sister cos she has found a good man who can take good care of her=) thanks alvin!=p

as for me, haha i think i still gotta wait 10 yrs more=p


Thursday, July 12, 2007

a day out with mummy=)妈妈你最棒=)

hello dear friends=) so long since i can finally sit down n write a proper paragraph here=)

not tt prev entries been not v proper but have been more brief and concise=)

missed all of u v much n thanks so much for continuing visiting my blog n leaving me nice msgs n encouraging words!=) thanks alot dearies!!=)

would be bz for e next three months for my new show path of gold黄金路=) if possible ill still update more frequently hope u guys would still visit this blog n show me yr dear support=p hehe...

my prev entry has alot of fotos n if u r wondering whose names are on the 2 doll figures haha its not me n my boyfren!not tt im in love now=p pp stands for peipei( my characters name) n mc stands for munchong-bryan wongs character in our upcoming show this end july called honour and passion=) n..yes u guessed it right=) i like him in e show n well..he doesnt really=p...

will include more fotos abt honour n passion soon!( its an army show btw n i play an artillery captain..yesh...seeing me in uniform=))

back to my fotos here=) though i have been pretty bz but i would always make time for my dear mummy whenever i can even if its just a few hours in e morning for breakfast tog or going to e market=)

i treasure these precious moments n my camera shy mum as u can see doesnt really like to be photographed=p a walk ard e neighbourhood brings back fond memories=)

be it e cardboard signboards selling fruits at a little corner, whiffs of durian smells=), ah gong ahma shuffling along speaking in all delightful dialects i yearn to learn more abt=), bright sarongs n baju donned by pretty ladies=) , my mums fav wanton mee, fav no19 table with lotsa wind from e fan n minimal sun exposure max shade cover=p etcetc....

whee!!~~ wonderful=) i love it when i can be so carefree n being able to soak in e sights n just relaxing in e neighbourhood=) of course, being able to spend time with dear mummy is just as wonderful=)

till next time, i wish table 19 can be visited by us again=) v soon=p maybe one day i would see u there too! will treat u to breakfast n my mum can chit chat with u hahahaha=p

enjoy yr week ahead dear frens! ill miss u dearly=) filming starts tmr morning=) wish me greatest luck gambette!=)

love feliciachin=p






let love be this way..


from our sights...


Saturday, July 7, 2007

亲爱的大大小小=)my dearest dada n xiaoxiao=)

love animals=)

no matter their diff size, shape, species, they r adorable n deserve my care n attention=)

so do treat yr pets with love n respect n they will love u much more in return=)

in dear memory of dada n xiaoxiao( my two cutest hammies)=)






Friday, July 6, 2007

im back!=)) 我回来了!=p

after a long hiatus, im back!=) hehe..sorry to keep u guys waiting n thanks so much for still coming by this blog n readin it=p hope this smiley picture can portray how happy im to be back after a series of work tt i was involved=)

im off to a dancing lesson(shhh....;)) will be back hopefully tonight to update somemore=) but just in any case, wanna say a BIG I MISS U GUYS b4 i leave u!=p

hugs aplenty feliciachin;)


谢谢你们的耐心等候;好开心哦!终于搬了家,internet access也装好




呵呵。。。hugs aplenty凤玲=)


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