Tuesday, August 28, 2007

wedding bells ring again!!=))

hello everybody!hope u guys have been doing well so far=) well have something to announce......=p

haha..im getting married....again!!!

and to e same guy second time straight..am i faithful or what=p

hehe...ill be filming a wedding scene with pinghui for my new drama path of gold next tuesday 4th sep at chijmes=)

haha n u r kindly invited to my wedding too!haha cos they r looking for ppl as part of our frens or relatives n sit in for our filming so tt it looks like a real wedding scene with alot of ppl invited hehe=)

so if u are interested or have missed the chance previously for baojiaweiguo, heres e chance again !heres e details:

date: 4th sep

depart from mediacorp@ 745am

reaching chijmes @ 830am

dress code: smart casual

do email person in charge, aiwah by 30th august to confirm(tt u r going) or to ask her for more details=) her email add is


love to see u guys there too! if u cant make it this time round, haha hmm...i wonder if there would be a 3rd time...=p

meanwhile do take care dearies!=) miss u guys loads rem to drink more water too=)


Friday, August 24, 2007

hello everyone!=)))

hello everybody! so sorrie for my lack of updates have been pretty busy with filming of path of gold( sometimes till midnight=p)

but u guys are never forgotten in my heart cos ive been thinking of u hehe...thanks for continuing visiting my blog and leaving such nice n comforting msgs i do read them!=)

and many many thanks for all e support for baojiaweiguo( honour and passion)! hehe...e show may have just ended but i always hear such positive support for e show n also encouraging comments for my role thank u all of u!=)

ill post a longer entry asap hope u guys will come back n read it=) just wanna type this b4 i sleep to say u r guys are not forgotten n thank u for standing by me always=)

goodnite n do have a superb day ahead!=)smile always!=)

love feliciachin=)


Saturday, August 11, 2007


六味汤。。 熬了两个小时。。等了我却要九个小时。。







你的细心我当然珍惜在乎=) 每当我有空档的时候都会尽量陪你吃饭聊



=) 我当然清


看见你吃得津津有味, 有时我会有点惭愧。。。忙的时候可能一天说不







什么但心里我知道你是在鼓励我, 在球场上一定要加油!那天我是带


pink girlpower奋斗精神上了球场哈哈..没让你失望吧!=)






Thursday, August 9, 2007

at night...;)天黑的时候。。

love the feeling of night jogging...

having e cool air, moonlight, soft streetlights shining down on u..hearing yr own heartbeat...having thots running thru yr mind just weaving in n out w/o u thinking too hard n much abt them( haha does this make sense?)..finally calming yrself from within just like e consistent pace of yr breathing and jogging..e feeling's just great n so therapeutic..i guess our bodies natural endorphins are really e best way to get all happy and high=)

so do take time off n enjoy the sights ard you=) lace up yr jogging shoes, get out of e house and breathe in e fresh air..think of happy thots...for tt half an hour or so..truly relax=) i think tts e beauty of exercise..u really feel good after sweating it all..u just gotta push yrself n take e first tiny wheeny step=p( i know how tt feels..e initial inertia involved in yr mind=p hehe..)

have i told u before tt i really want to go climb e mountains n hike in e himalayas? my little secret dream=) hope it can come true one day( it will!)=) to truly relax in the widewide mountains..be inspired..soak in e sights...can u imagine? tiny beings lost in e vastvast land=) n i think i will really like it there=) tt we r so minute compared to e whole natural beauty..lets make a date n hike there next time ok?=)hehe....=p(hope some travel agency aka fairy godmother n fathers..get to see this hahahaha=p)

btw just update of wat im doing=) still currently shooting path of gold 黄金路 having studio scenes n outdoor scenes as well=) would be appearing in a variety show(brands stay sharp stay in game) this fri( 10th aug) on channel 8 8pm=) do catch it if u r free!

till we see each other soon(i hope to really!) do take care of yr health dear n i will love u always too=)

btw..happy 42th national day singapore!! may our country prosper for years to come=) we love u singapore!!=)i love u vv muchie=p

hugs aplenty! felicia (double)chin;))













Friday, August 3, 2007

david's birthday party!=)生日派对=)

i was at david gan's birthday party abt a week ago and boy was it fun!=) and there were so many ppl present! from top stylists to makeup artists to actors to hair stylists from passion to photographers and all his dear frens were there=)

good food, company, view and wonderful ambience! we were at e top floor open area overlooking the whole of orchard and singapore..enjoying sashimi; on e spot cooking of wonderful light asparagus, scallops cod fish...yummy desserts too=)

man..it was so beautiful..his home was equally nice..vv classy, homely and cosy=) haha was telling david if i was him i dun think i wld ever need or want to step out of my house..its so cozy!!=)) can nua-h the whole day kind=p

i love his wonderfully big shou tao寿桃 too=p so cute rite=p reminds me of something else though hahahaha...alas, i had to go home early at abt 9 plus tt saturday night cos i had to work early at 630am on sunday haha..party pooper hor=p but had lots of fun n really wish tt david wld have many great years to come n be able to stay happy n joyous always=))

birthday parties are esp fun when u have all yr great frens ard u n celebrating tog=) it may be hard work getting everything ready but when u sing e birthday song in unison with everyone else, i guess it shd be touching with so many of yr close frens with u=)

i personally do not know how tt feels cos i have nv had one=p wonder how it feels like...haha i always had a nitemare tt if i organize one ill be e only person present cos no one wld attend..hehe..so pessimistic rite=) would U be there if u were invited to my bday party?hehe..food for thot=p

better stop daydreaming..time to go hit e scripts n sleep later=) goodnite everyone dear sweeties=) love all of u dears=) hugs aplenty feliciachin;)

上个星期参加了david gan生日party=)好好玩哦!=)

有好多人出席-演员,形象师,化妆师,摄影师 等等都在场=)场面后热


美食当前, 美景相伴。。。多不想离开呵呵=p







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