Sunday, June 24, 2007

rescuing hug=)爱的拥抱=) sweet!!!reminds me of my own sister=) always there to protect me from danger=) i love u big sis=))



Thursday, June 21, 2007

panda galore!!=)熊猫大赛=p

pandas galore!=))hahahaha...thanks for all yr vv valuable and cutest contributions!=)

i truly love each and every single panda drawing or foto ive received n ive tried my best to upload all of yr contributions=))

and i realised alot of u love pandas just like me!=)) thanks so much for yr enthusiasm too!=) every little drawing is beautiful in my eyes=) thank u for making e effort to draw though some of u told me you r not tt gd in tt=p i cant see tt flaw in any of these pix though=)

u guys are superb!!=)lets try this again next time=)hope u enjoy looking thru all these cute wonderful pictures just like i did!=)

do u have a personal fav too?tell me abt it too!=p feliciachin=) *mummy panda*=p

*sorrie been real busy these days working n moving house too=p sorrie couldnt spend much time online hope u guys understand!thank u!=))* miss u guys loads too=p thanks for all yr dear emails n guestbook comments=))

pictures contributed by dear denise, diana, jeslyn, jiaying, joey, jolene,kianhong,looling, lowling, marlly, nikeez, qitong, rachel, ray, sakuragal, siyan, sportyjana, val, xiaoqing, yanxin, zhicong, jansen, alvin bryant, huiyan, samantha, shanfa, yanling, shuhui, cleopatra, joanne, khooxin, sam's fren, john tigger,janice, jasmine, jeffery, maureen, vanessa, marilyn, michelle, pamelawong, shukuan, sokfeng, szekee, vanessa, iceberg, junxian, charlie, duoli, genevieve, hongshen, huipeng, jiahui, kleston, jingjing, aili, darren, hazel, pammie, yuesheng and teddi=))thank u dearies!=))








忙的当儿还是非常想念你们的=) 你们有想我吗?哈哈哈哈=p*厚脸皮


love凤玲熊猫mummy=p =)=)=)


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