Tuesday, May 27, 2008

thank u=)

thank u...

for being so big hearted..

for contributing whatever u can...

there Is love wherever we go

and u know what..

im so proud to be a singaporean...


--to all the silent heroes all ard the world--may u be volunteers@ sichuan, normal folks picking up calls of donations..everyone who has a heart, i salute u=)

------thank u everyone for turning up@ 8days big issue autograph session and also i-weekly auction too...though e sun is hot n rain was unpredictable, u guys still made the effort=) thank u dearies=)

i will be going overseas today for abt a week=) so do take care sweets n ill see u soon=)

lots of love, feliciachin=]


Friday, May 23, 2008


hi everyone=) how have your week been?hope u r doing well=)

this weekend, ill be involved in a charity show meant to raise money for the victims of the sichuan earthquake.im happy to be able to do my part and i thank the organizers for having such kind hearts...

it will be on channel 8 this sunday(25th may) 7pm..so pls do lend everyone yr hand...thank u=)

in case u r wondering if u can contribute in anyway, there are 3 hotlines

1900 112 5121--$6 contribution

1900 112 5122--$18 contribution

1900 112 5123--$50 contribution

also on saturday, there will be an i-weekly charity auction @ ngee ann civic plaza from 3pm to 9 pm=) funds raised will be used to help the victims of sichuan and Myanmar..

artistes contributed items to be auctioned off and i donated a watch that ive always loved..hopefully, it can fetch a good price..just wanna be able to contribute and help them...some material things...i feel..one shd know when to part and i feel lucky to have owned it once now its time to help others with them=) so many thanks to i weekly for organizing such a meaningful event and i hope saturday's auction will be very much supported by everyone=)

to end off, im off for an iweekly shoot..bit nervous but hey....its part of learning ganbette feli!


Friday, May 16, 2008

sichuan earthquake







Thursday, May 1, 2008


oh man..i miss miami ink...

btw strained foul is a paste made from beans(unless my eyes fool me)

my fren explained: mayb after eating u may f**t creating a strained(strange) foul..



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