Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cagers80 Malaysia Junior team 67

had a great time cheering for the cagers yest night and together with 2 taiwanese players-wu daihao and ha xiaoyuan( v strong and experienced players), we beat the malaysia junior team 80-67.

both teams played well in the first half, keeping everyone on their toes. the scoreline was pulled further apart in the second half..vv happy to be able to see them play together for the first time and i see lots of potential in them=)

so, do support the cagers and also our very experienced teams from malaysia and indonesia whilst they battle it out on the basketball court today and tmr@ the jurong east sports hall=)

a very big thank u to yangtian, jiongjiang and weilie and dear managers who came down to support too=)

last but not least, to all my dearest fans and supporters who came all the way to jurong east to support us=) a vv big and warmest thank u to all of u=)

all the best cagers for yr match today!u guys are looking good;)

Ill be always cheering for u!=)

Ps: recently been told that many of u have been voting for me in the sgblogawards=) thank u very happy that my humble blog has a visitor like u=) and that u guys have always been supporting me=) so just wanna say a big thank u its an honour=)

--its the weekend!!enjoy yrselves!love feliciachin--


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