Wednesday, April 30, 2008

what is it abt?

hey guys thanks for all yr nice msgs n it really warms my heart tt my entries can make yr day seem brighter n happier=)

wow...tts a compliment=)

ive read some of yr comments...thanks for the encouragement..n yes i have seen a doc n thank u LYjie for being so understanding n AF n Mich for being nice...i made it to studio filming n frankly, i would have felt bad if i didnt go today...the thot of delaying filming progress scares me esp its nearing end of production...

im feeling much better though still a little weak...

talk abt seeing docs...

i got 'suan' by one today..

cos everyone was telling me to get a jab to get better faster i asked him if i needed one since ppl@ work have been telling me abt it...

his reply?

" ask them to give u the jab then"


filming continues tmr...

** pictures courtesy of xiaomei @ heyhey 1st pic taken at 24hrs Musta**..can anyone tell me whats strained foul?!?!

goodnitey!!sweet dreams=)

PS: dear mrT let bygones be bygones...


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