Saturday, March 29, 2008

roads w/o markings

was travelling on thomson road today on my way to work when i came upon this stretch of road just after a traffic light whereby there are no markings or dividers on the road....

suddenly, i felt disorientated...

like...a lack of guidance n for tt remote second, i didnt know how to travel or drive on the road..

makes me reflect on my own life..

sometimes we r so used to having rules, guidelines, routines in our lives..

someday, we shd have certain changes in our lives to challenge us..

make us think differently..

less in our comfort zone...

n learn to walk on our own n make our own decision..

n suddenly, with the markings back in place..

i feel comfortable again..

i think i have been too reliant on others..
i haven really been myself..

its time to stand up on my own n face this world..

n i believe there r beautiful things out there for me to discover

for me to look forward to..

cos..i believe in beautiful ppl..

cos i have met them..

thank u wj n ms 6th sense..

lovely dinner...lovely talk...

ive learnt to be myself..

n hopefully...u guys can accept me=)

sorrie if i worried any of u with my previous entries..

ppl do go thru tough times..

n yes thank u for all yr concern=)

im ok n ill be alright

cos tmr will be a brand new day to look forward to=)

dun give up ganbette everyone=)

love felicia chin..


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