Saturday, February 2, 2008


yes.. i have changed my name...

having chen fengling for so many years, it was indeed abit hard to get used to and i will def miss this name..

but according to shifu , my new name chen jing(^4) xuan 陈靓(same sound as静)瑄 would be better for me...

i know it might be hard to accept for u guys,but

i really hope you guys out there who love me n support me will like this name as well=))


thank u=))

ps: im still felicia changes to that=)

btw, do u like this weeks 8days cover?

i love it!=) thank u dears who made me like indeedly mousey hehe...cute!

n of course,

happy new year everyone!

n i haven gotten any new clothes..=/ well, at least ive bought new underwear...have u gotten yrs yet?;)


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