Wednesday, December 26, 2007

seeking the path of gold;)迷黄金路=)呵呵呵呵。。。

  • wow..its amazing..coming back from taiwan, my frens are all telling me how much they like huangjinlu..n aunties n uncles are all following this show! thank u for e support n for all who gave me such positive comments abt my role, thank u!=))

lin fei is really one role tt i really tried hard to grapple with cos she is so..eccentric aloof yet so sweet n kind at the same time..i love her alot n im glad some of u really like this show..thank u dear jean for saying she really saw the role instead of me acting as myself in the show...i guess best frens noe best thanks dearie=)

ill work hard; of course there r lots of room for improvement n i see some scenes or parts tt i could hv done better but i really thank everyone from my dear producers to excellent co stars to the crew makeup wardrobe stylists everyone for making me look so good glowing editing the bad parts away n letting audiences see me in a diff light n see a diff felicia chin this time round on screen=) thank u=)

do continue supporting path of gold cos even im hooked haha..i cant wait to watch the next ep n i even have mobtv haha..

ps: i was at my laoshi( teachers) xmas party n i went to his room to watch path of gold at 9pm..haha being so engrossed in the show i turned my head n there were like a roomful of uncles n aunties watching even the youngsters were watching=) hehe...n they told me我们每天都在追看啊。。。你后来有没有死。。为什么没嫁给金龙 was great=))


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