Sunday, November 25, 2007

up in the palace...a fuji one!!=)

woohoo!what a great sat afternoon we spent together~! thank u so much( lovely pandas n nat's fans alike) for coming down yest afternoon n for spending such a wacky time tog=p

3pm: lost my way....went to the wrong roads....frantically calling jiejie=(( boohoo...sad sad...

315: went to toh tuck instead of toh guan road....oooo.....*im an easterly girl btw=p*
330: finally arrived at THE PALACE!!

345: sheepishly putting on my skates hehehehe...

400: picture taking time!!! n also..hehe brought some chox from hongkong early xmas gift?!
415: push me to the skating u go girl!

430-600: fell down twice or shd i say pushed down twice=p made a point to skate with u guys=) hehe..holding hands session=p made some new frens thanks jackson n zhe...had loads of screams? =/

600-630: more photos!!!

630: counting the bruises in my car=p

had fantastic fun!thanks all fans of felicia(me!) n nat! n our wonderful committee members for organizing this sat activity! n to all staff of jurong fuji ice palace u guys were great! n to all who helped us learn how to skate thank u! n also to dear jiejie..n also to shuai-ge to the max ahnat!thanks for mesmerizing all the little girls till they nearly forgot tt im there....hehe=p

hope u guys had a great time cos i truly did! thanks for waiting i promise to brush up on my road reading skills...n me n nat would be going for an iceskating event this sat @ central!watch out for tt!=)

it was a cool sunny bright joyous cheerful screamy afternoon=) thanks for living it with me/;)


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