Friday, November 23, 2007

life's a fight...not?

was talking to a fren of mine today abt each others going ons recently when suddenly i told him...

dun u think life's a fight...

well, his response made me think

he told me he heard glenn ong over the radio recently saying

' my blessings far outweigh my problems'

n my fren said

dun u think its a good mantra to live by

maybe if everyone lives by that, then each day will be less of a competition =)

i totally agree...

we shd be grateful for what we have..

we r indeed blessed...

when u r procrastinating..

abt life, abt work, abt ppl, abt unfairness, abt being beaten up bruised all blueblack n over(n i dun mean physically)...

feel grateful tt u hv yr current job to help u pay yr bills, a caring sister n mum who loves u no matter what..a full stomach n food in front of u to remind u tt u will never be hungry n foodless...being able to breathe without smiles...

i duno...typing i feel that there are so many things tt we take for granted n we forget tt we r lucky to hv them.. end on a more positive note n not being too heavy hearted n sad...

we shd just 笑笑过人生 aka.. laugh along with life.its not easy but i think life's like a dream, b4 u know it, it will be over...

not many ppl will understand u for who u r...ppl can slam u, say things bad abt u w/o knowing the real reason or story but its goes on...=)

dun think so much...

things will pass

just do whateva u wanna do...

worse come to worse...go run to yr bed, cover yrself with yr blanket...snuggle...

sleep it off...dream (of me hahahahah)...mayb things will be better;)

cheer up dear!~

tmr will be our ice skating treat n affair! looking forward to seeing all of u guys (supporters of feliciachin n nat ho!) cya at jurong tmr hehe..n dun worry abt falling..who doesnt;)


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