Saturday, October 6, 2007

out at sea for *gasps* 3 days!=p

these 3 days had been a vv fun n interesting 3 days for me heh...i have been out at sea with fellow actors from path of gold and with our dear camera crew, we 'tackled' e sun, e waves n haha sea sickness!! in order to shoot 2 vv impt n exciting climaxes to the story..

and so we reached sentosa cove on our dear faithful wednesday 3rd oct all sun blocked and raring to go not expecting e unrelenting sun and shakey waves...

some of our breakfasts ended up on the floor of the toilet=p some were just green in the face*learnt something today..its always feels better when e boat is moving instead of it being stationary( more fresh air too) and try to block out the rocking of the boat from yr mind n focus on the horizon as its e only thing not moving n yr sea sickness will go off a little..tts wat e captain said=) felicias remedy: tuck into some sourish sweet sweets from my 八宝袋=p as u know i always carry sweets with me( guess u can call me e sweet girl) so much so tt nat joanne n joey gave me a nickname 'candy' short for candy empire=p

but seriously speaking, i really enjoyed these 3 days...yes it might be slightly tougher filming conditions but i always enjoyed trips out tog with e whole crew, production team, eating tog, working tog sharing joy sweat blood( literal) n tears tog haha..i think its a great bonding experience and now tt im back in the comfort of my home no more swaying sideways rocking of e boat, i kinda missed those moments now haha...i guess u will never noe its gone till its over..

to all 导演 aps pas propsman chungkor uncle lim cas lighting soundman captains of the boats jocelyn and path of gold-ers--辛苦你们了!! hehe but we survived;)

rem to catch all these twists n turns in 黄金路 aka path of gold at e end of the yr!=)


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