Tuesday, August 28, 2007

wedding bells ring again!!=))

hello everybody!hope u guys have been doing well so far=) well have something to announce......=p

haha..im getting married....again!!!

and to e same guy second time straight..am i faithful or what=p

hehe...ill be filming a wedding scene with pinghui for my new drama path of gold next tuesday 4th sep at chijmes=)

haha n u r kindly invited to my wedding too!haha cos they r looking for ppl as part of our frens or relatives n sit in for our filming so tt it looks like a real wedding scene with alot of ppl invited hehe=)

so if u are interested or have missed the chance previously for baojiaweiguo, heres e chance again !heres e details:

date: 4th sep

depart from mediacorp@ 745am

reaching chijmes @ 830am

dress code: smart casual

do email person in charge, aiwah by 30th august to confirm(tt u r going) or to ask her for more details=) her email add is


love to see u guys there too! if u cant make it this time round, haha hmm...i wonder if there would be a 3rd time...=p

meanwhile do take care dearies!=) miss u guys loads rem to drink more water too=)


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