Wednesday, August 1, 2007

path of gold plus much more!黄金路+++;)

hello dearies!=) how have u been=) hehe...been a few days since i updated just wanna say i miss u guys lots!=)

as u know im filming a new show called path of gold(黄金路) now with li nanxing, tay pinghui, chen liping, joanne and many more veteran actors=) been a good 2 weeks of filming so far=)

in the show i act as a rich girl with a terminal disease caught between two guys namely nanxing dage n pinghui;) having e chance to act n learn along side them is just wonderful n i truly cherish this chance=) they are such easy going ppl to work with=)

i have a new hairstyle for this show too! namely long straight hair, slightly wavy n bunned up hair=) whee~~ finally have e chance to have long hair hahahah....u would see a diff side of felicia in this show as lin fei( my characters name) is a v straight n自我 kind of person she does whateva n however she likes...she has a wild side too;) hmmm..interesting=)

path of gold will prob be shown at e end of e year in nov or dec so do look out for it!;)

*took a few pix with campus superstar kids when i met them in the makeup unit=) i have 2 personal fav in the foto..can u guess who?hehe...*


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