Friday, July 20, 2007


hello everyone!=) sorrie haven been updating my blog been bz filming my new show path of gold黄金路=)how have u guys n fellow panda dears been? i miss all of u guys vv much!!do u miss me=p

nevertheless,i wanna share some fotos with you which i took on e day of my sis's engagement where she exchanged vows with my brother-in-law=) it was held at a simple restaurant on a rather beautiful day n date-070707=)

my sis is rather camera shy so i didnt put many of her pix here( lest her students come save her pictures and tease her in school=p)

my brother-in-law's siblings have beautiful adorable kids! one of the girl( she is the cute girl with a red rose by her face) is called felicia too and she really reminds me n my sister of myself when i was young=) e same oooo( say wu)-eee face and droppy sparkle in her eyes=)hehe...what a coincidence=) she has a v pretty elder sis too!

then there is e 帅哥 who has a v funky hairdo too!=) kids nowadaes really enjoy good haircuts=) i still rem the days where i have to sit in the toilet with uncomfortable newspapers wrapped ard my neck held by wooden pegs n my mum using those big tailor scissors cutting my hair sometimes missing my ear by mere cms=p those were the days la!=p

nonetheless i was super happy on tt day feeling so overjoyed for my sister cos she has found a good man who can take good care of her=) thanks alvin!=p

as for me, haha i think i still gotta wait 10 yrs more=p


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