Thursday, July 12, 2007

a day out with mummy=)妈妈你最棒=)

hello dear friends=) so long since i can finally sit down n write a proper paragraph here=)

not tt prev entries been not v proper but have been more brief and concise=)

missed all of u v much n thanks so much for continuing visiting my blog n leaving me nice msgs n encouraging words!=) thanks alot dearies!!=)

would be bz for e next three months for my new show path of gold黄金路=) if possible ill still update more frequently hope u guys would still visit this blog n show me yr dear support=p hehe...

my prev entry has alot of fotos n if u r wondering whose names are on the 2 doll figures haha its not me n my boyfren!not tt im in love now=p pp stands for peipei( my characters name) n mc stands for munchong-bryan wongs character in our upcoming show this end july called honour and passion=) n..yes u guessed it right=) i like him in e show n well..he doesnt really=p...

will include more fotos abt honour n passion soon!( its an army show btw n i play an artillery captain..yesh...seeing me in uniform=))

back to my fotos here=) though i have been pretty bz but i would always make time for my dear mummy whenever i can even if its just a few hours in e morning for breakfast tog or going to e market=)

i treasure these precious moments n my camera shy mum as u can see doesnt really like to be photographed=p a walk ard e neighbourhood brings back fond memories=)

be it e cardboard signboards selling fruits at a little corner, whiffs of durian smells=), ah gong ahma shuffling along speaking in all delightful dialects i yearn to learn more abt=), bright sarongs n baju donned by pretty ladies=) , my mums fav wanton mee, fav no19 table with lotsa wind from e fan n minimal sun exposure max shade cover=p etcetc....

whee!!~~ wonderful=) i love it when i can be so carefree n being able to soak in e sights n just relaxing in e neighbourhood=) of course, being able to spend time with dear mummy is just as wonderful=)

till next time, i wish table 19 can be visited by us again=) v soon=p maybe one day i would see u there too! will treat u to breakfast n my mum can chit chat with u hahahaha=p

enjoy yr week ahead dear frens! ill miss u dearly=) filming starts tmr morning=) wish me greatest luck gambette!=)

love feliciachin=p


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