Tuesday, January 22, 2008

9pm-------10pm im stuck!

im stuck.......whenever its 9pm..i seem to get rooted to the same spot....being mobile only an hour later...

never sick of milubing's song from the start of the show....always making a point to read the words to the song n matching the meanings to the storyline of the show..i find it v well written n apt for the show( of course i feel MLB sang well too=))

210108.....i watched u ...2m from e tv set....i watched u in my company's wardrobe...

standing there with my back to the camera....neck at 143.5 degrees to the tv..

loved ahlin---for making me laugh n cry at the same time...

loved dage---for making me feel so moved..esp love these 2 scenes( @my wedding when he saw simin was pregnant n at the games arcade where he broke down n asked nanxing if he was really crazy...chuming dage..u r really good..

there is a reason why veterans r who and what they r now...we have lots to learn from them n i thank my lucky stars to have this chance to act in such a great drama with so many inspiring actors=)

n thank U for supporting huang jin lu=) ps: haha i think ill get the dvds..must keep!..r they on sale now?;)


Sunday, January 20, 2008

i kissed luozhixiang....omg!

hahahahahaha...u must be shocked huh?

it happened one lonely night....two nights ago to be exact.

just the two of us..him staring into my eyes..looking so beautiful...so handsome..so 帅=p

smiling...sparkling so lovely.

me..smiling to myself forgetting what we said..spoke...sounds seems to be vacant.


then he whispered in my ear..

"i really like u...but....

i have to go"

so he told me his msn(i wondered y..)...one long long email address....

then before he left,

he kissed me...




then,i ....




what a dream...i had....

yes yes...it was just a dream..but its those powerful dreams which u remember even after u wake up..those kind..hahahahah

im sure u know what i meant rite?;)

fans of xiaozhu..pls dun come after me...=p

i cant control what i dream of can i?

n..really! i wasnt even thinking of him...not 日有所思夜有所梦=)

but...it was a lovely dream..hahahaha=)

ps: i even remembered his email add tt he had given me in my dream n yeap i scribbled it on my notebook..n heh its still there..=)

silly me...=p



appi appi appi=) whats tt? haha to me its happi happi happi hehehe...

this week was pretty memorable=)

first did an iweekly hair shoot with david n met up with one of e sweetest photog ive known( really took care of me when i first started out=)) simon! hehe now hes with prestige n now joel is equally sweet too hehe...thanks guys! u guys always laugh at me but i know u love me too hehe...

working with keith clarence n david is sweet cos they r so nice n thanks for e meal ah bu=)

see tt cute photo with the frowning kid? hehe hes so adorable! hes my manicurists son n i just love his expression=))

work just started for my new show called心花朵朵开=)and in this show i play tao haitong- a confident working adult who is pretty bold n frank n loved by 3 guys! haha...how fortunate indeed=)) and in this show my dad owns a 花圃 called tao nursery(tt explains the sign on the pickup=))

ivy lee n constance song plays my elder sis n yahui from star search plays my younger sis=)) shucheng dage plays my dad=)) oh=)) to have a nice warm family isnt tt great=) if u haven noticed in my other shows i either come from a broken family or i have vv few family scenes hehe..so im really looking forward to having this new extended family=))*smiles**

came to this nice little playground garden for filming yest with yaodong...really love such warm comfortable settings with beautiful backgrd and nice little benches bathed in warm sunshine...big tall lovely trees..n swings to swing away all one's troubles=)) how lovely=)

n of course with cool pretty shuai lovely crew- v cool 导演, 帅哥ap, cute pa, steady soundman helpful propsman..haha..v enjoyable day...

tmr is 黄金路 final ep! rem to watch=) n thanks for all e wonderful support=) we love u guys hehe..

chanced upon this entry on mrchrispy.com....haha he offered alternatives to the golden path's ending haha...hes really creatively funny=) can check it out=)

lovelove feifei....


Monday, January 14, 2008


i love chew chor meng's acting...=)he's really good....


Friday, January 11, 2008


oh my....'chasing' the golden path every night!! if not, mobtv to the rescue..how i wish they have all 30eps on it=p....u may be thinking its strange for me to be so excited abt a drama tt I am acting in but haha..we as actors dun get to see the end product till its on screen n with added effects like music n good editing, the finished product is even more captivating n engaging...wow....

all i can say is tt im really impressed by the veterans...they r really good...xiaogu is fantastic..so is dage, jinlong and kaijie....and u know what....alot of ppl have been asking me whats the ending..did i die..who died...kaijie get his deserts...haha...but shhhh....i cant say!its against ehum....'company' policies hehe...anyway im sure u dun wan me to spoil it for u rite=p

6 eps to go.....ganbette~!

*will miss being lin fei aka 神经婆=p*


something unexpected..happens sometimes..

something unexpected happened at 245am today..watching rerun

of超级星光大道。。。with杨宗伟coming on at the end of the show

explaining why he wrote the wrong date of birth and thanking everyone for supporting him..oh my god....it was such a tearful event i found myself tearing together with him/them....n i haven even caught more than 2eps of this show...

i guess..when something so real and emotional is something u see on screen....the natural emotions evoked within is just uncontrollable n im glad i caught it today...for someone who loves n is so passionate abt something he like(singing) n does...i get great inspiration from him..not abt the 'cheating' part (his dob) but his real raw emotions n passions that he have n love.....reminding myself abt my own passion abt this industry n wat i do...

just started my new drama called心花朵朵开。。。 today is the first day of shoot...frankly, i didnt feel too good abt it...think i was bit nervous but i swear..ill ganbette i wouldnt give up ill try my best ill love what i do=)) what a great midnight positivity i got today..totally unexpected...

side track..some pple ask me how taiwan is...all i can say..i got my truest smiles n laughs from these two wonderful ppl i met=) they brought out the best in me and i really thank them=)

thank u 怀恩 火哥。。。

it has been such a long time since i met such true n genuinely nice ppl who r so simple at heart yet so genuine..helpful thotful loyal without any other interests at heart..i felt so happy n relaxed in taiwan n 99% is due to them=) thank u guys=) **hugs***..

n the funky girl u see in e cover of i weekly? yeap tts me...if u wanna read something diff abt myself..pick up a copy b4 it disappears on mon=) [think there is something linfei-ish abt my ans during e i/v wonder why..]



Tuesday, January 8, 2008

catch it b4 its february;)

one of my favourite covers=)

thank u style for making me look so mo-del like but yet young n beautiful..loved e look=)

this is jan's style..get it b4 it turns feb;) support linfei hahahaha...



hello everybody!=) so sorrie been so busy these days haven been updating but thank U so much for still hangin in here waiting for my next entry=) n guess wat!u guys really keep the hit count v flattering..thank u for coming back faithfully to this little humble blog=)

quite abit had happened these days...i closed my eyes n wish u well..

do take care of yrself dear frens and yes, i am back

n i thank u guys for always being here for me

thank U


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