Monday, June 9, 2008

happy birthday mama!

i had the good luck to be able to celebrate my granny's 79th birthday today=)

just before i leave for xiamen=)

yes going overseas today and will be back on friday!

im off to china to shoot a variety show called美食寻根 and ill be travelling to meixian梅县 and wuhua五华-places where hakka ppl reside=) btw im dapu大埔 hakka!

over in china, ill be looking for authentic hakka food like leicha and niang toufu=)

frankly, im pretty excited n nervous at the same time..ive never been to these places but super looking forward to seeing tulous土楼 and going back to the places my ancestors once lived...=)

back on fri...having a tweety event on sat14thjune @bugis junction!do come down if u r free!more details on

sorry been so busy recently haven been able to update=p

do take care of yourself when im not here;) missya...

love feliciachin.


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