Saturday, March 29, 2008

best frens are gold*smiles***

i love talking to u=)

u make me feel protected..

even if the world falls on me

i know i can always run into yr arms

n giving me a boisterous hug n grinning smile..

everything will be alright=)

such a nice feeling=))

have u ever had such a sunshine in yr life?=]

it has been a long time since we met

n im glad everythings alright or shd i say better=)

change is good

awared change's even better=)

we have grown we have aged

but most imptly, we still have each other to count on=)

u will be there for me

rest assured ill always be here for u

the world's so big...

much possibilities for us to experience=)

ill go on my path n yes...u will be the greatest documentary photojournalism travel writer including editorials and commercials;)

i love u, my dear fren....

yipeeyipeeyipee yeah!=)studio filmings beginning=)ganbette rest relax enjoy my dear feli=)


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