Tuesday, January 22, 2008

9pm-------10pm im stuck!

im stuck.......whenever its 9pm..i seem to get rooted to the same spot....being mobile only an hour later...

never sick of milubing's song from the start of the show....always making a point to read the words to the song n matching the meanings to the storyline of the show..i find it v well written n apt for the show( of course i feel MLB sang well too=))

210108.....i watched u ...2m from e tv set....i watched u in my company's wardrobe...

standing there with my back to the camera....neck at 143.5 degrees to the tv..

loved ahlin---for making me laugh n cry at the same time...

loved dage---for making me feel so moved..esp love these 2 scenes( @my wedding when he saw simin was pregnant n at the games arcade where he broke down n asked nanxing if he was really crazy...chuming dage..u r really good..

there is a reason why veterans r who and what they r now...we have lots to learn from them n i thank my lucky stars to have this chance to act in such a great drama with so many inspiring actors=)

n thank U for supporting huang jin lu=) ps: haha i think ill get the dvds..must keep!..r they on sale now?;)


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