Friday, January 11, 2008

something unexpected..happens sometimes..

something unexpected happened at 245am today..watching rerun

of超级星光大道。。。with杨宗伟coming on at the end of the show

explaining why he wrote the wrong date of birth and thanking everyone for supporting him..oh my was such a tearful event i found myself tearing together with him/them....n i haven even caught more than 2eps of this show...

i guess..when something so real and emotional is something u see on screen....the natural emotions evoked within is just uncontrollable n im glad i caught it today...for someone who loves n is so passionate abt something he like(singing) n does...i get great inspiration from him..not abt the 'cheating' part (his dob) but his real raw emotions n passions that he have n love.....reminding myself abt my own passion abt this industry n wat i do...

just started my new drama called心花朵朵开。。。 today is the first day of shoot...frankly, i didnt feel too good abt it...think i was bit nervous but i swear..ill ganbette i wouldnt give up ill try my best ill love what i do=)) what a great midnight positivity i got today..totally unexpected...

side track..some pple ask me how taiwan is...all i can say..i got my truest smiles n laughs from these two wonderful ppl i met=) they brought out the best in me and i really thank them=)

thank u 怀恩 火哥。。。

it has been such a long time since i met such true n genuinely nice ppl who r so simple at heart yet so genuine..helpful thotful loyal without any other interests at heart..i felt so happy n relaxed in taiwan n 99% is due to them=) thank u guys=) **hugs***..

n the funky girl u see in e cover of i weekly? yeap tts me...if u wanna read something diff abt myself..pick up a copy b4 it disappears on mon=) [think there is something linfei-ish abt my ans during e i/v wonder why..]



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