Monday, December 10, 2007

night to remember...

thank you for all the lovely memories last week=) without u guys i will never have the chance last week=) so a vv big terima kasih=p

tonight, hahaha...pls do scream for me n shout for me(the loudest u can) yeah!!!!!hmm...if u wanna call...ill unbashingly tell u the no hehehe...its 1900112 ****....(* stands for the no. 10000-6969)math teacher ms chin testing yr math today=))

love the nostalgia last week..met many stars n veterans i admire n grew up watching..the songs i heard really sent my tear glands working a little...(i really really love 动力火车's 爱隐隐作痛 since i was like a little girl?!?)night to remember..a bigbig thank u to everyone who made me look good that night=) u guys r priceless;))

ps: the ans to the holiday math qn above is( 10000-6969= 3031)

i can hear u guys in my heart=) cheer for me... ill be little angels=)

*little feli is pretty excited..**


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