Monday, October 29, 2007

yipee!birthday party for *lingling*=p

a v v v big thank u to all of u who came down last sat to help me celebrate my birthday=) it was truly a vv happy day for me!

looking back at these photos, im pinching myself n i dreaming? haha...i never had so many ppl helping me celebrate my bday;) and strangers we may be b4 i became an actress but i feel so happy to have met all of u and thank u for making the effort to come tog and giving me such a wonderful birthday surprise and gathering=)

as a kid my birthday has always been a quiet affair-a simple dinner outside, and a small mango cake at home, with my dad, mum n sis singing e bday song for me=) seeing almost 50 ppl surrounding me joyously singing e bday song i was was truly a happy occasion for me....u made me feel a little princess n i thank u for tt=)

some of u left me msgs to say sorrie u couldnt make it(some of u even left presents for me; ive received them a big thank u!); hey dearies, its really ok!=) sometimes, birthdays ain't only abt parties, big presents or cakes..its e well wishes tt u have for each other, hoping tt the day would be joyous for him or her n they are never forgotten in yr heart=) n u guys will always be in my heart n i love u for tt=)

i may have a fan gathering next month on 24th nov! for more details do check out my fan club's website @

hope to see u guys there too!till then, do enjoy yr week ahead!i love u guys!=)

hugs feliciachin(lingling..mum calls me tt=p)


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