Thursday, August 9, 2007

at night...;)天黑的时候。。

love the feeling of night jogging...

having e cool air, moonlight, soft streetlights shining down on u..hearing yr own heartbeat...having thots running thru yr mind just weaving in n out w/o u thinking too hard n much abt them( haha does this make sense?)..finally calming yrself from within just like e consistent pace of yr breathing and jogging..e feeling's just great n so therapeutic..i guess our bodies natural endorphins are really e best way to get all happy and high=)

so do take time off n enjoy the sights ard you=) lace up yr jogging shoes, get out of e house and breathe in e fresh air..think of happy thots...for tt half an hour or so..truly relax=) i think tts e beauty of exercise..u really feel good after sweating it all..u just gotta push yrself n take e first tiny wheeny step=p( i know how tt feels..e initial inertia involved in yr mind=p hehe..)

have i told u before tt i really want to go climb e mountains n hike in e himalayas? my little secret dream=) hope it can come true one day( it will!)=) to truly relax in the widewide inspired..soak in e sights...can u imagine? tiny beings lost in e vastvast land=) n i think i will really like it there=) tt we r so minute compared to e whole natural beauty..lets make a date n hike there next time ok?=)hehe....=p(hope some travel agency aka fairy godmother n fathers..get to see this hahahaha=p)

btw just update of wat im doing=) still currently shooting path of gold 黄金路 having studio scenes n outdoor scenes as well=) would be appearing in a variety show(brands stay sharp stay in game) this fri( 10th aug) on channel 8 8pm=) do catch it if u r free!

till we see each other soon(i hope to really!) do take care of yr health dear n i will love u always too=)

btw..happy 42th national day singapore!! may our country prosper for years to come=) we love u singapore!!=)i love u vv muchie=p

hugs aplenty! felicia (double)chin;))













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