Friday, August 3, 2007

david's birthday party!=)生日派对=)

i was at david gan's birthday party abt a week ago and boy was it fun!=) and there were so many ppl present! from top stylists to makeup artists to actors to hair stylists from passion to photographers and all his dear frens were there=)

good food, company, view and wonderful ambience! we were at e top floor open area overlooking the whole of orchard and singapore..enjoying sashimi; on e spot cooking of wonderful light asparagus, scallops cod fish...yummy desserts too=) was so beautiful..his home was equally nice..vv classy, homely and cosy=) haha was telling david if i was him i dun think i wld ever need or want to step out of my house..its so cozy!!=)) can nua-h the whole day kind=p

i love his wonderfully big shou tao寿桃 too=p so cute rite=p reminds me of something else though hahahaha...alas, i had to go home early at abt 9 plus tt saturday night cos i had to work early at 630am on sunday pooper hor=p but had lots of fun n really wish tt david wld have many great years to come n be able to stay happy n joyous always=))

birthday parties are esp fun when u have all yr great frens ard u n celebrating tog=) it may be hard work getting everything ready but when u sing e birthday song in unison with everyone else, i guess it shd be touching with so many of yr close frens with u=)

i personally do not know how tt feels cos i have nv had one=p wonder how it feels like...haha i always had a nitemare tt if i organize one ill be e only person present cos no one wld pessimistic rite=) would U be there if u were invited to my bday party? for thot=p

better stop daydreaming..time to go hit e scripts n sleep later=) goodnite everyone dear sweeties=) love all of u dears=) hugs aplenty feliciachin;)

上个星期参加了david gan生日party=)好好玩哦!=)

有好多人出席-演员,形象师,化妆师,摄影师 等等都在场=)场面后热


美食当前, 美景相伴。。。多不想离开呵呵=p







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