Thursday, March 29, 2007

deeper understanding for army=)

filming these days have been so fun n enriching for me=)went to a few camps for filming n for once i really get to know more in depth abt e life my frens went thru during ns n now i have even greater respect for all who serves e army n help defend our country=)

love e smart4 uniform n i must say food in e cookhouse is really not bad=) well some of u may beg to differ but for a first timer like me i thot they taste pretty good..haha..e chicken rice we had tt day tasted pretty yummy!=)

while filming in camps, i got to meet some of my frens from softball too!such a wonderful surprise to see them=) everyday i get to learn more army terms, have first hand knowledge of their equipment n technology n take a peek into their daily life which i think is pretty cool=)few days ago me n rui en attended an armour display n we rode on a light strike vehicle!it was so fun!haha i cant help but stifle some of my screams=))like a mini roller coaster ride haha..e driver was laughing at me la!n i love this role that im doing cos u will see a diff side of me-more feminine, vocal and stern at times...more like a confident lady..i hope i do justice to e role!;)

watched phantom of e opera yest=) their costumes n sets were really grand n nice=)other artistes like pinghui, bryan, xiaoling jie, joanne, pierre, adrain, apple n biren jie were there too=) haha..bryan kept teasing me abt my army fotos!!haha...cos of my posture....made me laugh so much with his funny words=pp

tmr im going to camp again!actually im kinda looking forward to it=) will be speaking to a group of cadets abt some arty equipment...haha..*stress stress*...wish me well ya? cam has some prob so haven be able to take fotos=(( will fix it asap=)

have a great friday guys! love feliciachin;)


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

lalalala filming tog=)

pardon me if my entries are abit late cos these days have been busy filming n extra time will be used for reading scripts=) but ill still update whenever i can so pls do continue visiting this address=)
passed by this little snack shop today tt just reminds me of a childs snack heaven a modern mama shop=) rows n rows of goodies kids would drool at=) but as a kid, i was never allowed to eat these 'heaty' foods cos my mum didnt allow me to...even when i ate fried chicken my mum would peel away e n my sister could only stare at other kids munching away at e delicious crispy n oh so fragrant piece of chicken whilst we are only left with healthy white meat haha...but i thank my mum for taking such great care of us cos we grew up with good skin n good health=)
saw these colourful chairs at clarke quay=) was v attracted to their daring quirky usage of colours n i think it really makes e whole place v funky n in...would visit these places with my frens next time=) tell me abt yr experience there if u have freq e places ive mentioned=)
=) ill be watching phantom of e opera this wed nite!cant wait=) update u guys abt it asap too!alritey=)do sleep early guys=)goodnite! love feliciachin;)


Sunday, March 25, 2007

ahhh!sunday is over!!!

blink of e eye...sunday is over://// haha i keep thinking today is a weekday cos i had work early in e morning at 7am so it didnt feel like a sunday to me=) had a few scenes today with bryan n pinghui=) see e bandaged arm?tts mine=p i was supposed to be injured in e show n luckily pinghui saved me from further harm=)then bryan came to e hospital to visit me n e story goes on....

had dinner with my frens my mum n his aunty cos its her birthday!lovely cake we had=) it was a simple celebration over jap buffet at tampines n i bought her chocolates(cos i know she likes them=)) shared a bag for her with my fren n bought her some pretty lovely flowers from city hall!=)i love small decorative flowers which i think look good on their own n they r as sweet as they look=) these are called sweet william according to e florist=) now u know what kind of flowers i like rite;) im glad his aunty likes them too=) think all girls love to receive flowers in their hearts though verbally they always say its a waste of money or" no need la!" haha...i know im one of them=p

love this picture i got today=)its an original print by mariann johansen-ellis=) e elephant atop e heart reminds me of a dear fren i have;)*ahem*hehe u know who u r=) i think yr love for ppl is unshakably strong n nothing-not even an elephants weight can waver it a single bit=)thanks for always being there for me-may it be e most unglam sight of me or e silly ooo-e sounds i make=) tts wat frens are for=) ill always be here for u too=)

to all dear frens(tts u reading it=)) may our hearts be always full of love n may it be loved too=) pls remember tt u r never alone n are truly loved=) at least by me=)=)=) hehe...goodnite dear frens!=) missing u dearly--feliciachin;)


Friday, March 23, 2007

filming filming=)

hihi=) sorrie i kind of disappeared for a few days cos i was bz filming couldnt come online=) but anyway, thanks for all e tags!hmm i kinda spot some of u asking me hows filming=) its good n e swimming scene with me saving nat was pretty fun cos it had been a long time since i swam n it really brought back fond memories when i had to dive into e pool n save nat...recently had a few scenes with bryan n we went to chinatown n e safra gym yest n today, we went to habourfront where we shot some of e office scenes=)
bryan is so much fun to be with n he always cracks me up with his jokes haha..its hard not to like such great company=) in e show im supposed to really like him..=)
well, one of e nites when i went jogging, passed by my ad at a bus stop haha....looking ard n seeing no one in sight, i quickly snap these 2 pictures haha..abit bhb u might say but i feel tt these fotos might be pretty good memories in five to ten yrs time dun u think=)hehe...kinda miss e short hair too=))but!!its ok=)we must always embrace e present n venture into e future with an open mind!past memories will always remain sweet in our hearts=)take care all of u!pls do enjoy yr weekend!ill be missing u guys=)))
*ps: e comps in e foto of my prev entry isnt mine=)they belong to my fren=)i was at her house rem?=))*
have a great sat n sun guys!take care=) love feliciachin=)


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

daiso shopping plus surprise nite visit!

went to ps daiso today after work at ard 6pm=) have heard alot abt it but never had e time n chance to check this place out since alot of times its soooo crowded=) luckily today was quite okie=)oh my!!so many diff kinds of sweets!!hehe..just to update u guys tt im one who always have a bag of sweets with me=) i love to share nice sweets with others too!so seeing so many kinds of sweets made me quite(or shd i say very=p) excited n ended up buying *gasps* 9 diff flavours of sweets!there are lemon, peach, fruit candy, blueberry, raspberry, chinese quince flavour, apricot(tried b4 its yummy!!), menthol and chinese herbal throat candy..hehe...i just lovvee some of their packaging!so cute=) esp like e one with a little man with a smiley face=)tts e menthol flavour one its called--hana-nodo candy=) when i try all ill update u guys which r e ones i like e most=) i have a sweet tooth=) so its always handy to have sweets ard=) so next time when u see me, do ask me for a sweet!hehe ill gladly share them with u guys=) pass e sweetness ard rite;)
e pink bag of goody is strawberry flavoured caramel corn=)have u tried it b4?its super yummy!saw its packaging n thot of my fren jean=) thot it was pretty cute n i wanna cheer her up with this so i bought it 4 her=) as she is pia-ing for her final yr project, i went to newton n da-baoed food for her n pi so tt they can have nice food to recharge their v over worked brains=pp bought popiah carrot cake nice fish porridge chengtng n homemade apple orange carrot fruit juice!hehe...then sprung a surprise visit on them=) jean n pi i know u will be reading this so ganbette!u guys can make it=)n ill swim with might too haha...glad u guys like e food=)=) cant wait for 29th to come=)
hehe..did u catch e numbers game show?haha..i realised i really laughed alot but its cos i really enjoyed e show n it was really exciting exciting till i think i practically squealed on e show=pp

ok gtg!having a 'rescue' scene today where i have to save nat ho from e waters..haha wish me luck=p

love feliciachin;)


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

goodnite everyone=))

goodnite everyone=)sweet dreams..sleep tight=)
luv felicia=)
*foto courtesy of denise*


Monday, March 19, 2007

campus superstar2=)

hello everyone!=) today i went to mediacorp at abt were so many students there..later i found out u guys were there bcos of campus superstar auditions=) wanna wish all of u good luck n all e best!ganbette!i believe if u truly follow yr heart n dreams, one day u will succeed=) so dun despair even if u didnt get thru; i truly applaud all of u who took part for e auditions cos all of u r so brave to stand there on e stage n sing w/o music( qing chang) u shd be proud of yrself tt at least u have tried=) so proud of all of u=) n for those who got thru, congratulations!=) will be seeing more of u guys on tv=) jiayou jiayou=)

*ill be on e numbers game variety show tmr on channel8 at 8pm=) do catch it too!=)

love feliciachin=)


Sunday, March 18, 2007

its a lovely sunday!

happy sunday everyone!hope e morning has been bright n cheery=)well, do enjoy today or b4 u know it monday is here already hehe..

thanks for all e wonderful tags n i really tried to read all cos e tags r moving so fast some are like over b4 i got to read them=p (i think a few of u share e same sentiments rite=p) but nonetheless im feeling e love from all of u(yeah!!) n i thank u all for giving me so much encouragement all e time..(though sometimes my tagboard turns into a lelong sales princess n verycheap i hope u guys start paying me soon=pp haha..not v nice la so i hope u guys can bring yr advertisements to a website tt has more suitable advertising purposes..i hope u guys dun mind la ok? terimah kasih=))

i see alot of comments abt my new hairstyle..haha...thank u for noticing!( to nana im not sure wat perm it is but its curls are more random not e whole head kind=p)well im glad my hair is finally longer cos ive been keeping it short for quite a while n frankly speaking..ive never had long hair since i was a child!when i was in primary school, my hair was always in a bowl shape n whenever e hair touches my eyebrows n my bottom ear e hair goes n i end up looking v 'toot' again hehe..u can see in e photo how ive grown thru e yrs=) but i love how poor thing looking i look then some one always bully me like tt=pp *notice my fringe n sides of my hair never ever touches my eyebrow n bottom earlobe=p* the middle foto is my recent hairstyle..i loved how full my fringe looked like=) *nice*....=)

:) asked if i liked Fahrenheit..i think they r like so popular la!all e xioameimei love them...i think hua yang is quite a funny show=) good showmanship by all e actors n actresses=) n yes! i heard yuan dian aka the beginning- a drama i shot in malaysia with linyuzhong stella chung n shuanchen is going to be shown on channel8 this may!if im not wrong its most likely to be shown at 7pm starting 8th may=) n baojiaweiguo may be shown in e 2nd half of e year! u guys will see a diff side of me for both will be so fun!hehe..scar-ly u guys think ive some sort of spilt personality after viewing both shows=pp but i love both characters cos in yuan dian i turn from someone leading a v simple life trying to bring up my younger sis by selling someone bent on taking revenge on my father (*gasps*) by becoming an unscrupulous businesswoman...(*gaspsgasps!*)cant imagine rite=p in an army captain who fell in love with a guy(bryan wong) in sec school n still cant forget him even in my twenties...then love it one sided or is it something arranged by fate?

haha..sometimes i really wonder if such things actually happen in real life..i believe so cos in many unexpected things can happen...u can never say never..sounds serious hor..but i believe its true dun u think so..share with me some stories of yrs if u do agree with me=)

to ur supporter: ill try n post more fotos ok? hehe just that while at work i try to focus more on acting so i rarely bring my camera along=) but ill try n take more fotos in my free time=) i heard some ppl talking abt gathering wow!tt will be so cool la..haha..if it can be arranged ill love to attend=) hope it can be arranged=)* cross my fingers* to gladys thanks so much for being so enthusiastically supportive! but im sorrie i cant give u my no or address cos if i do, my mum will kill me haha...she loves her privacy u see=) but never mind..this blog address is like my second home in my heart so do 'visit' me more often k;)
thanks for all e wonderful recommendations of movies n shows...hua yang..vanilla sky with tom cruise rite?=)ill go check them out...n also abt e online gaming alot of u have emailed me giving me tips n also venn=) came in v useful!thanks!n some of u asked wats my email add, here it is again--

**im really a luckie duckie to have a dear fren like all of u=))**
enjoy yr sunday! love felicia....

to haa tanat qijia ji :) chann* lalas - androne kzy -weiting- bernicexD xiiaopiing joycelyn ruihan nana [d]olphin daphne gar(ce nanjianxie farlicia name ur supporter loner(kelly) darren :D shimei pamela SHONIAH (= gladys sean psychedelic huiyun jesrene venn* isabelle princess ... smiley vanessa felfan verycheap jerena JNIORqy jfoll jolyn hmm rank haihaolo fm maurice [z]hiquan kelvin kris sherman lee steph pamela denise haa s.s pekpek BerriinnCexD n to all for tagging=)love u guys!=))


Friday, March 16, 2007


hi guys im back again=) yest i went down to passion to have a little perm to my hair(make it a little diff frm my prev hairstyle=p) then after tt i went down for 933 interview with chongqing n jiahui=) we had a blast!i was laughing e whole time cos they are such gd company n its real funny when they asked me wat car i may get next time n i said i just need something tt can 'dong' aka move..i think im a more practical person n i wont spend too much on a car..i even called him gandie(godfather) hehe...he is a great person=)still rem during my star search days chongqing came n met me n my fren at siglap to announce tt i got into e top12 in e sg finals for star search=)how time flies...

had second day of filming today=) todays scenes were all with taypinghui=) this is my second show acting with him-my v first drama( wu yan de ai-a drama abt sars) was with him too!pretty fun acting with him..charming person..we went to oriental plaza cinema for e first scene..i didnt even know there was a cinema there!its really old school-a term used by in e walls are carpetted n there are like just 18rows of seats like a mini cinema..interesting..second scene was at funan it mall where in e show i was looking for a war craft online trying to learn how to play it cos in e show im supposed to be pretty good at it..haha..any pointers?need to take up tennis n practise diving nicely(swee swee) into a pool too...haha...coaches needed!!but it will be interesting cos ive always loved watching tennis idol was pete sampras last time=))

finally met up with some of my frens who came back from australia=) welcome back derek n roy!i love gathering with frens as there is always this warm fuzzy cozy feeling where we can talk abt anything..tease each other abt stuff.. we even call ourselves e chillerz haha..junjia calista kelvin leslie we miss u!these super duper frens are from my sec school days...even extended to their respective partners too=) mum even came along for our gathering!

oh!e numbers game variety show ep which i guest starred in will be next weeks ep! do catch it next tues 20th march 8pm channel8!thank u n have a goodnite everyone=))

love feliciachin...


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