Friday, June 27, 2008

CagersAsia 2008!!=)

Whee!~today is the first day of CagersAsia 2008 basketball challenge=)

a short introduction--the cute super talented extremely adorable team u see above( haha they r going to kill me when they see this) are called the cagers=)

The Cagers team was officially formed in 2008, with a vision to establish itself as a semi-professional basketball team competing in the region. Besides that, they also hope to raise the level of basketball in Singapore.

Its players are from the ages of 15-23 years of age and play in the Singapore National Team League and also represent the Singapore National Team. Players have already played with and against each other in competitions held before Cagers was formed, such as the National School Competition and BBAXN, hence they have forged a strong bond with each other and i find them really passionate for their sport and very talented too.

This tournament is the first time that the Cagers would be playing against other teams, but they have been training extensively and have just finished an overseas training stint in taiwan( which they didnt lose in any matches), they go into this competition with high confidence of achieving excellent results=)

And! i am very honoured lucky and feel really happy that i have the chance to be the ambassador of the cagers=) i may not have a strong background in basketball, but i hope to be able to cheer for them and together, create more awareness for the cagers, and hopefully even more Singaporeans will stand up and take notice of this young team with lots of potential to shine in the basketball arena and beyond.

from 27th till 29th june, they will be competing with teams from malaysia and indonesia at the jurong east sports hall and there will even be 3-on-3 basketball challenge and hip hop dance challenge. ill be there today and on sunday to cheer them on!=)

so please do come down and cheer for our local team the cagers!tickets are available @sistic=)


jurong east sports hall

27th-29th june

tickets @ or call 63485555

you can get more infomation abt the cagers @

today is their first match against the Malaysia Junior Team which is the 1st runners-up of the 7th SEABA Championship for Junior Men 2998. I wish them all the best!

love feliciachin


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