Tuesday, October 23, 2007

happy birthday lalalalala=)

hello everybody!its my birthday today!haha...thank u guys for all yr well wishes and happy birthday messages=)

its wonderful to be 23...old enough to make decisions but sometimes rash enough to make mistakes..well, it had been a topsy turvy one year for me..ups and downs..but this is life rite?only when u fall then will u pluck up more courage to pick yrself up=)im still trying hard at tt=p

but one thing im really happy to have accomplished this yr is tt i have this little blog of mine which i share with all of u=) its heartening when i meet u guys on the streets n u tell me tt u visit my blog too=) haha...im really happy inside! my humble blog has come a long way from my first entry in march abt my hk trip and only 100 visitors on e first day till now e million mark has been crossed!thank U for being my supporter=)

u guys have watched me grow n yeah when im 18 till now it has been a good 4 yrs...thanks for walking standing by me and on this joyous happy day im glad i can have u with me too! happy birthday to all of us n may we all grow old tog(oh yeah!) ;)

u must be wondering how im going to celebrate my bday rite?haha..ill be working=p will post up fotos of my bday celebrations(if i have any=p) watch out for them!


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