Sunday, October 28, 2007

tweety rawks!!!;)

hello everybody! had been a wonderful few days for me i wanna thank sososo many ppl!from my dear frens who msged to wish me a lovely happy birthday(also to u guys who left me so many msgs in my guestbook!thank u dearies!)to my dear fren jean to the awesome nuyou team to the crazylicious ktv session with fellow 黄金路ers to wonderfully fantastic catholic high students to a mindblowingly cool shoot i did yest(more abt tt later=p) and also my lovely sweet fans!! thank u guys for all the happy moments im truly a blessed girl=)

i have alot of fotos to share! but ill start off with this really cool shoot i did yest=) this is the first time i did an ad for an apparel brand and im so happy its tweety!cos i have always loved watching tweety on tv when i was a child and up till now, tweety always give me the happy cheerful vibes-plus i love tweety's wits and endearing cuteness=)

so i was really surprised when i came for my shoot at 10am looking at such a funky grunge rock star feel for the shoot and styling!i love how johnny(our dear stylist) transformed sweet lovely comfy tshirts to such cool rock-chic feel...

so i delightfully picked up a few tips from him and dun u think e clothes are super cool(i really like them)=p so pls do look out for my upcoming print ad for tweety(a big thank u to everybody for the fun shoot yesterday!) n do check out their wonderfully versatile apparel( they even have nice trinkets keychains belts shoes n caps-check out e blue one on me=p) dress up or dress down its yr choice=p take a look at these interesting layering(of clothes) for more ideas on how to dress up a tshirt too!=)

heh my last pic is a bit of a teaser for tmrs birthday entry=) i had a wonderful time celebrating my bday with my fans yest!thank u guys so much! so if u cant wait for my entry tmr, do check out my fanclub website

for the whole story n some fotos of the gathering or check out my blog tmr;)

thank u!

N do have a wonderful sunday ahead!=)

love felicia(yr panda mama=p)


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