Friday, January 11, 2008


oh my....'chasing' the golden path every night!! if not, mobtv to the i wish they have all 30eps on it=p....u may be thinking its strange for me to be so excited abt a drama tt I am acting in but haha..we as actors dun get to see the end product till its on screen n with added effects like music n good editing, the finished product is even more captivating n

all i can say is tt im really impressed by the veterans...they r really good...xiaogu is is dage, jinlong and kaijie....and u know what....alot of ppl have been asking me whats the ending..did i die..who died...kaijie get his deserts...haha...but shhhh....i cant say!its against ehum....'company' policies hehe...anyway im sure u dun wan me to spoil it for u rite=p

6 eps to go.....ganbette~!

*will miss being lin fei aka 神经婆=p*


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