Monday, February 25, 2008

back back pls come back!!!!

sorrie to have disappeared for like the whole of new yr n valentines day...

hereby wishing u guys had a great chn new yr n vday=)

im a big procrastinator..been putting off alot of stuff..n posting on my blog is one of them..

sorrie dearies..

camera rip--ed during new i lost all my cny fotos...=( boohoo...

these days been filming my drama- 心花朵朵开。。。and am going to be part of a 8parter series show...

n..hmm..let me see....mood hasnt been pretty good these days....sigh..yes...i do have mood swings sometimes...

-----------its e time of the month..let me dig myself out of this hole....i can do it......-----------

meanwhile..take care dearies..thanks for not giving up on me...

smilesmilesmilesmilesmilesmile..rainbows across e skies=))


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