Sunday, June 3, 2007

star search2007 on =)才华横溢出新秀

was visiting one of my fav website when i read that over 400 ppl signed up for star search on sat!=) there is another round of audition today=) some of u emailed me on tips or preparation for the auditions=)

i think e most impt thing is to stay calm and try and treat e judges like yr frens=) chit chat with them like per norm and relax=) but do prepare beforehand for yr audition=) i think e production crew has told u guys b4hand what to expect for the auditionsv so i do wish u e best of luck!=)

star search has given me a very wonderful platform to experience performing in different aspects of this industry=) do give yrself a chance if u have always been interested but never dared to try=) i wish all of u e best of luck and i also applaud those who have went for auditions cos at least u guys have tried yr best n taken tt first step forward=) good luck!=) felicia supports u all e way!=)

*ps: to all dearies who went down to bugis today for e i-weekly's event, thanks for braving the scorching sun and supporting all of us=) vv nice of u guys=) thank u sweetie!=)*vvv touched**我时常游览的网站=))得知大约四百多个人前来参加





外,你们还需表演一个自备的才艺项目。别害怕敢敢把才艺秀出来, 你




加才华, 我希望我这番话能给於您一些些鼓励=)加油哦!=)相信自己


**非常感谢所有今天前来bugis junction支持我的亲爱朋友们=)天气真


常感动!多谢多谢!** 凤玲爱惜你们=)


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