Saturday, January 27, 2007

eloz everyone!=)

hello! sorry didnt blog yest cos i was bz watching a korean drama..haha..i said earlier on tt im having a little break rite?well, between doing some work ive on hand haha e rest of my time is spent watching vcds at home=) 'nande' have a little time, wanted to watch more of other actors acting in order to get more 'ling gan' aka inspirations and also to improve too=) you know the first vcd i started on was 'full house' passed to me by my dear manager haha..u must be thinking im like super slow then watch full house rite..i admit=p im lagging haha but was really bz thruout last yr didnt really get to e chance to watch much complete dramas so now i obediently watch n boy was it addictive haha...and im esp slow cos ill rewind whenever i see scenes acted well etc etc see how the shots were taken how e really beautiful song huiqiao acted
( her complexion is like glowing!! admire admire=))..half way thru i was really hoping with all my heart that rain could just go over and give her a hug whenever she feels sad...oh my...aww...haha im like a die hard romantic to see such romantic'lang man' stories..just wished they cld bare their feelings for each other sooner n stop making audiences like me almost tear my hair out wanting them to be tog sooner instead of me going thru so many pieces of vcds haha( but i guess all dramas r like tt arent they=p) makes me ppl still believe in such cinderella stores? well, haha i do though..who doesnt wish to live happily ever after with the person they love rite? =) till i meet the special someone, haha at least i have such love stories to fall back on..let me live in their world for now*winks* gdnite!=)


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