Wednesday, February 28, 2007

love frm this blur sotong=p

hello everyone=) how was yr week so far? mine has been pretty interesting=)) going to do drama imaging tmr hope to take some fotos to show u guys!these days while im out, ive been approached by v nice ppl n im really v touched by how nice n welcoming they are; they r really nice to me and im v grateful for their sweetness n kindness=)) thank u v much=) n talking abt kindness, i must really thank u for taking time out n visiting my blog n reading it cos when i first started this blog one month ago, i thot not many ppl will visit it too=p thank u so much=) hehe...if u see me on e streets, i hope ill have e chance to say hi to u cos u r special to me=) ill v much love it if u guys can come forward n talk to me too!=)) tt will be so nice=)
oh ya! hehe..sometimes im really quite blur n sotong like- so if one day u feel i didnt respond when u call out my name or something, im so so sorry!didnt mean to; sometimes im deep in thots or like in my own world haha( daydreaming?=pp) so let me apologize beforehand=) ill try my best to open my eyes n ears when im out=) so looking forward to meeting nice ppl like u n not forgetting to wish u a v good nights rest n may tmr be an even better day for u=) goodnite!hugs=))


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