Saturday, February 24, 2007

long day today=)

went to my frens opening for his entertainment company...congrats zhiyong!=) so proud of u=)) they had this lion dance ceremony and its so cute seeing e big lion squeezing into e recording studio n room twisting n 'goes stunning'..i think its like spreading e gd luck ard e company=) i think e lions are v cute..esp their big blinking eyes n mischievous glint in their eyes n actions=) they even displayed e written form of ' zhao cai jing bao' using peeled slices of mandarin oranges within a short period of time=) impressed impressed..

after tt i went to a uniform making company down at macpherson rd...its for my new show ' bao jia wei guo'..ill be acting as someone frm e army so i have to make my no3 uniform..sounds exciting to me=)! hope to share pix with u guys soon!

after tt went to my frens place for lou hei!n we met a customer of hers frm france called 'fra' n she commented tt i have a sweet face (*blush*) fren told her i am an actress so fra told me to write my name down so tt she can ask her daughter in law abt me( shes a singaporean)=) then we treated her to yusheng n also kueh kueh like soon kuey n peng kueh(i like!!) n otah=p she likes it too! my frens parents are so loving..they dance tango waltz ballrm dancing tog for yrs...its so romantic when they dance..i learnt a few steps frm her dad=p i shd really pick up dancing=)

then dinner is off to a temple whereby there are like a hundred tables for dinner n ppl bid for hot n auspicious lucky items( like rice bins, joss sticks lu, xo liquor, golden shiny items like e smiling Buddha, even potted pineapple plants!) my uncle had a few tables so he invited me along=) we had like mass lou hei...n i had a wonderful time being entertained by e vv glibbed tongued host spouting lotsa hokkien ' huat huat' adjectives n strings of auspicious words for wateva tt is auctioned off for..for eg if something is priced at $1688 then he ill say like ' all e way lucky lucky prosper prosper' haha...vv gd man..must learn frm him..he is so gd with his words..

then i took fotos with ppl who approached me n they r so nice! they even let me carry their babies!=))aww..they r so adorable! normally babies will cry when i carry them (cos im nt v gd with babies=p) but these two boys are so cute!! so guai=)) so cute...

i met shiyu too=) ...when they served e roast pork, its snout was pointing at me when served..,n i cld see e curly short tail of e pig too=(( then e aunty say the nose pt to me is gd luck...


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