Monday, February 19, 2007

happy new yr everyone!

gongxifaacai! hehe..wishing all a vv happy new yr n may u all enjoy a happy smoothsailing yr of e pig=)) how was yr house visiting today?i had fun with mine=) went to my paternal grandmas house in e late morning=) then ate fried niangao=))yummy!i love e fried nian gao tt my popo makes...unbeatable=)just e rite crispiness without losing e gooey sweet softness of e niangao=)i told her tt she must teach me one day=) watched e re run of e lunar new yr show on tv=)i like my green dress!loved e colour=)and im glad my contestant won e piggy contest=)wat a great way to start a new yr rite=))
then after lunch, me n my cousins played 'daidi' with my uncle haha..loser eats half a mandarin orange=pp my position was pretty lucky=)) v wang always get good cards so end up i ate one n a half orange after playing for almost an hour not bad la rite=p after tt my uncle suggested we play blackjack aka baluck after we nearly finished all e kum at my grandmas place haha(i think we took abt 10 over kum=pp) e smallest bet was 10c n largest bet a all of us bet only ten to twenty cents play for e end i won $1.10! yipee! off to a gd start haha..

after tt went to my maternals side to bainian=) had vv equally yummy tian tang tt i have every new yr chu yi when i visit my mama(grandma) is like pure bliss la..warm tiantang tt is not too sweet but v soothing to e throat n chockful of baiguo, dried logans n all e gd stuff..played with my little cousins (ashley n aston ten n three) n stayed for dinner as well=) had v gd clear soup n lu dan aka braised eggs=)yum yum!i think i put on 2.5kg today=p...must go jogging liaoz=ppp

tmr ill be going my best frens place to bainian n lunch in then off to my mamas place to see some 'serious' baluck in action where all e stacks of tens n fifty dollar notes come out n we 'kids' watch by e sides haha..eating seafood dinner tog at nite=))looking forward...enjoy yr chu er everyone!gdnite;)


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