Thursday, February 15, 2007

just follow law=)

went for e gala premiere on tues=)n guess who i met tt day?yuzhong! he went with ah do=)wheee..its great to see him in sg=) lin yuzhong is a v talented singer frm malaysia whom i co starred with in a show filmed in kl.. 2 of us n shaun chen r childhood buddies in this show=) so it was a happy reunion=) yuzhong will be attending sats chn new yr eves special too=)

it was pretty exciting attending e premiere=)meeting alot of ppl..n alot of artistes were there too!i walked e red carpet with elvin ng shaun chen n also shaun's co star in his up-coming movie=) on e way up e escalator, elvin turned to me n asked if i want to hold on to his sweet rite..i could feel a million pairs of piercing eyes looking at me when i walked e red carpet with elvin hand on his arm=p

i must say i really enjoyed e movie..i thot it was funny yet touching=) n i think wen fang jie acted really well=) do watch it when u visit e cinemas!n im pretty lucky to be seated in btw shaun n elvin in e cinema haha=p

after watching e movie one of my v cute fan called
doreen gave me my first vday gift!thank u doreen!e choc looks too good to be eaten!=)=)=)


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