Saturday, February 3, 2007

fruitful day at ps=))

woke up at 10+ today...hehe..did some housework..promised my mum ill have lunch with her todae went to ps crystal jade for late lunch=)) yum yum we had nice porridge n few dimsum dishes n one of my fav...this veg dish with 3 types of egg in it=)) nice i like=))

after that we went to marks n spencer hehe..bought some real cute gummies=))

bought e mini jelly babies for my sis..thot e packaging skipping girl looked v adorable=) she is sick hope some cute sweets can cheer her up=) but after buying, i realise eating these mini jelly babies seem haha...
after tt i went sembawang n saw these 2 cds!!
yeah! let it shine's cd is out!pls do support=))hehe songs r sung by teresa zhiyang renfred geraldine n hehe me..i sing one of the songs inside called ' my star'=)give me yr comments when u hear it=))

e next cd is by my singing teacher peter tan=) his songs r v nice=)) it has oldies jazz etc etc=)do check it out too!=)

then...haha was walking ard basement two when i met..someone..haha vv unexpected..i met...him...=)) of my fav 'students'=) (actually all i like la=p) so cute lo him think he grew even taller since e last time i saw him (tts new yrs eve) had a gd time catching up with him=))anyway hes real adorable=)and it was a nice coincidence=) my mum likes him too haha..anyway fireflies we will meet up soon ya=)) hope to meet up with my fan club members too!miss u guys=) haha so many ppl to meet up with=)) oh ya, to kenneth ( frm campus ss) happy birthday!sorry i cant make it today=))
enjoy yr sunday too guys!


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