Monday, January 29, 2007 sweeet=))

this eps let it shine...i must say this....2chicken( liang zhi ji) is so so sweet..haha love his puppy like stare whenever he gazes at xishi=) those kind of like so heart pained that she is suffering but there is nothing he can do..n he will do anything just to make her happy n protected..hehe i msged sijia( xishi) abt this n also asked many times did leo( lion) kiss her in the show man haha everytime they meet she would be kissed by him=pp but i think they acted v well=) pls watch on cos..haha yoyo laoshi will do something drastic to help her fight agt this baddie=)) n there will be a scene between renfred n adam which i think is vv touching=)) v touched by both adam's n renfred's on!=))


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