Sunday, January 28, 2007

oh my eye bagssss=p

haha i tell u..long time since i stayed up till 3 4 am( unless its work)..haha but when u r at disc 16 and the last one is disc no 24..u would keep telling yrself okie watch till 1 then ill sleep then 1245 comes along n u tell yrself okie last one last one..then b4 u know it day is almost breaking lo..then u see e sky lighting up slowly to blue then brighter n brighter haha..but aww..somehow when u reach e last disc part of me will be excited cant wait to see them FINally tog..part of me dun want it to end so soon..oh well, then they hv really succeeded in turning me into a mini follower=p no wonder ppl go crazy over rain..his role is pretty adorable esp when he berates the girl in order not to let her leave with the other guy then suddenly change his tone into a little boi saying he needs her to cook for him haha...'chao' my mum is like complaining la..asked me to go to bed earlier n stop taking over the tv hahahaha.....oh ya intro u guys to my dear mum=)she is always supporting me in whatever i do=)


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