Monday, January 29, 2007

thank u thank u=))

hello everyone=) thanks for all the tags=) to xiiaoraiinie passerby samantha annabel weiling angelia jasmine michelle ^^ wanxin ting yw sk jocelyn matty yiwen phoebe yyan lalalas anon weizhen amanda joyce huixiinn naz miingxuan jiahui stranger hqx human tiffany unknown hs cy j xiiao shii ignasia ethel amelia rina joey gen xiaoqun ahhjo jon kelvin shujuan anna zy $15 dear jj----thanks for all e great msgs!! btw, thanks for all e flattering compliments on my hairstyle etc!must thank my dear hairstylists=))trying to leave my hair long now=) to sk: hope u dun hv to wait too long!=)but!! pls do continue supporting let it shine!=))only 10eps to go..sobzsobx...


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