Wednesday, January 31, 2007

i luv new yr=)

chinese new yr is coming! here is wishing everyone a vv early happy chinese new yr haha..this yr im involved in the new yrs eve special so have to have an early reunion dinner with my mum n sis=)haven gotten any new clothes yet..but looking forward to steamboat dinner n housevisting n seeing all my dear relatives and angbaos(=p) and all e lovely new yr goodies!
i love the traditional handmade love letters( esp those stored in milo tin=p) fried nian gao, melt in yr mouth kueh bangkit, spongy kueh buloh..oh ya! delicious delicious home made pineapple tarts! i like the round pastry kind but sometimes e pillowshaped ones are super super delicious as well..its really hard to find the rite kind of texture n sweetness for the pineapple filling n pastry to be just rite..not too dry n not too crumbly..typing all these is making me hungry too=p
now that im working, i also give my mum n grandparents ang bao..'zhang^3 da^4' le^4'=p hehe..all in all, i think new yr is a v joyous occasion n i cant wait for it to arrive sooner!=)happy new yr!


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