Saturday, February 3, 2007

thank u=) from e bottom of my heart=)

reading all e little notes of encouragement..from fans who norm dun watch chn dramas..from fans who dun understand e chn language..from fans who say they may not know me personally but support me anyways=)frm fans who so enthusiastically tell me i did well n who really like really v touched tt all of u support me so much n has given me such positive support n comments=)) to me, u guys are not my fans..u r my true frens=) thank u v much=) ill continue making gd dramas n improve myself so tt my every drama would not disappoint u guys=) thanks for yr positive remarks abt my singing too! hopefully one day, i can have an album too=p well, no harm dreaming rite=)) to everyone who has been asking me abt my msn, sorry cos i dun really use my msn so if u want to tell me something in particular n its too long as a tag, u can email me at this add=)waiting to hear frm u!=)) gdnite;))


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