Tuesday, February 13, 2007

last eppie....boohoo...=p

today is e last ep for let it shine=p i couldnt watch it cos i was at an event...luckily i manage to catch it just now when i rushed home n d/l from mobtv=)aww...watching e last ep brings back lots of memories for me..from e scene at e hospital where xinyu passed away..remembered when we shot this scene in e studio(it was taken in one shot no second take..i think huifang jie acted vwell=)) all e other fireflies aka my dear students came into e studio with red swollen eyes..cos they watched it on a screen outside e studio n was v touched by the scene we shot..aww...they r so cute=) i was touched myself frankly=) n then to the scene where me n adam was at e merlion n we had a shot that had us walking down e steps then conti walking n arguing n then the camera pulled out n went round n round n round us..haha can still rem tt took alot of shots cos it was a pretty difficult shot to take..then e scene where i ran down e stairs to catch e cab haha i slipped when i ran down lo so unglam haha but luckily it wasnt in e bloppers=p

was really lucky n great tt i had this chance to play yoyo this character...some pple ask me am i like her..hmm..there is def something of her in me but minus the ' da xiaojie pi qi' haha aka e little missy 'attitude' im not v like tt..im more chor lo=p

i learnt alot from e great cast n crew! must thank youhong jie( my v nice executive producer=)) john, all e scriptwriters, tommy(our duo mei li who shot us v mei mei lili=p n also guoliang ah thong!!), guangrong liwan n wenwen( our vv nice understanding producers), dear janet xiaopengyou jeraldine pauline( vv hardworking aps n frens), angeline cheryl meian wanyu( our dear dear pas=)), xueqing n joy( for e beautiful clothes), bryan n fion for all our imaging=)), ah tan for all our imaging fotos=), ah heng jeffrey n all propsmen, studio crew etc etc(sorry if i missed someone out!) thank u for all yr wonderful help=)) this show wouldnt be possible wo u guys=)

also i wanna thank my vv funny family! xiangyun jie n houren dage are such good role models learnt alot frm them=) n of course my dear bobo for being such great company! of course adam, shaun, ng hui, liyuan, chuxuan, sijia, khim, lirong, brian, renfred, teresa, ally, adriano(all e best for yr studies!time to study hard!=)haha one day i may play yr mum..*faints*at e thot hahahaha=p),xiaolingjie,meijiaojie,huifang jie, geping dage, shinan dage n all e other veteran actors in e show! we have so much to learn frm u guys=) it has been a v hectic yet thoroughly enjoyable two months coming out with let it shine=) thanks for all yr support too dear audiences=) i hope my next show will be out soon so that u guys dun have to wait too long for my next show=)

my next drama is called 'bao jia wei guo' ...imaging starting end of feb n filming starts beginning of march=) maybe it will be out in july.. i mayb more tom boy in this role haven gotten e scripts=)will update u guys after our drama meeting on e 14th( vday=p)

ill be going for e gala premiere for just follow law tmr=) still haven gotten my plug for my battery charger=((..miss my camera..n ill be on e new yrs eve special! so do catch me on 17th nite on channel 8 haha..post tuanyuanfan entertainment;) so my reunion dinner changed to reunion lunch=))ok! tts all for today must sleep early...eyebags eyebags=p


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